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    Obama Unwittingly Narrates Bizarre New Fable

    Dan Warren, a 39-year-old scientist as well as a fan of Barack Obama's policies and his speaking voice, dissected the audiobook of the President's autobiography, "Dreams From My Father" and reconstituted it as a 32-minute audio fable entitled "Son of Strelka, Son of God." This "audio odyssey" takes thousands of one- to ten-word small phrases and uses them to tell the story of Stanley, an ugly dog-faced demigod who recreates the world after it is destroyed. (Via The BuzzBrewery)

    • Chapter 1: Creation

      Here are two rough-cut animations from the first two chapters. The first chapter, "Creation," tells the story of Stanley's father, a proto-human born from the fruit of the very first tree.

    • Chapter 2: The Golden Age

      The second chapter, "The Golden Age" tells the story of the beginning of civilization.

    • More on "Son of Strelka, Son of God" at The BuzzBrewery

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