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    Oct 17, 2007

    The Wilhelm Scream

    Every year around Halloween, there's a new story on the classic Wilhelm scream sound effect.

    "I'll just fill my pipe...Aiiiyeeeaa!" So began the career of one of the most-used sound effects in movie history. Since appearing in 1953's The Charge At Feather River - Wilhelm gets an arrow through the leg after delivering his line - it's been in nearly 200 movies and TV shows, including all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, and has long been something of an inside joke to sound editors.

    Editorial note: Whoa! You've found a super-old post here on BuzzFeed, from an earlier era of the site. It doesn't really represent where we are anymore, and may in fact be totally broken, but we're leaving it up as a part of our early history.

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