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Summer Buzz: The 25 Best Boozy Popsicles

There's a reason adults like to add liquor to popsicles: it's hot as Hades outside, and we still have to work. Here are 25 ways to bring a little sunshine to your insides. Note: Obviously these recipes are for adults 21-and-up only. If you are younger than that, go play a video game and waste your summer someplace else.

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Easy Strawberry Margarita Pops

Is there anything easier than pouring Mike's Hard Lemonade Strawberry Margarita into Dixie cups? Cheers to the easiest summer buzz imaginable! If you need more specific instructions, Naomi at Bakers Royale is here to help.

Bellini Pops

Mimosa's elegant cousin, the Bellini, mixes sparkling wine with clear peach nectar instead of pulpy orange juice. The light, fruity, fizzy drink is practically perfect for popsicle form. The folks at Fine Cooking offer their recipe here.

Watermelon Mojito Pops

If you find the whole filling-plastic-molds routine too taxing, Tori, the Shiska in the Kitchen, has the solution. Simply soak actual watermelon slices directly in the alcohol. Spear 'em and serve! Recipe here.

Orange & Campari Pops

Since Campari is an apéritif, it's supposed to be served before a meal to stimulate your appetite. Serve it frozen on a stick to your summer guests and you'll definitely stimulate something. The Lush Chef has your recipe here.

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