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Does not like doors, anything placed not on the floor.

Eric Buth 7 years ago

Keith Olbermann Suspended From MSNBC

Keith Olbermann has been suspended indefinitely without pay from MSNBC for donating money to the campaigns of three separate Democrats prior to the midterm elections.

Jack Shepherd 9 years ago

Williamsburg (by Craig's List)

Just for the (present and future) New Yorkers: It turns out that most apartments in north Brooklyn are in "Williamsburg".

Eric Buth 9 years ago

The Real People Behind The Social Network Movie

Sorry for the lame title of this post! Moving on: I just watched The Social Network. It's really good, and it made me want to know what all the people in the movie looked like IRL, and what they're up to nowadays. So I looked it up, and now you're reading about it! Here's some background on the relevant people from the story.

Jack Shepherd 9 years ago

One Of These Is You

This about sums it up. It's like guidance-counseling for the hopelessly disaffected. (Via @rcbth.)

Jack Shepherd 9 years ago

Tripod Kitten

A kitten named Dash had a front leg amputated. (via @pjc)

Eric Buth 9 years ago

Bionic Cat

A cat that lost its rear paws had a metal pair surgically attached.

Eric Buth 9 years ago

"Drinking Fat"

This is a video of a man drinking a glass of fat. Note that the NYC Department of Health recommends against this practice because it's just like drinking a disgusting glass of soda.

Eric Buth 10 years ago

NYPD Loves Bike Lanes!

I just had to take the time this morning to say how great it is to live in a city where the police love bike lanes as much as bikers do.

Eric Buth 10 years ago


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Eric Buth 10 years ago

Saving Money

Some transit related financial advice.

Eric Buth 10 years ago

Obama Kills Fly

President Obama expertly dispatches a fly in the middle of a CNBC interview with John Harwood.

Eric Buth 10 years ago