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Unique, Rare & Extreme Dog Breeds

When you think of a typical dog, what do you imagine? Probably not one of these lesser-known breeds.

Everyone loves Labradors and adores Beagles. But what about the breeds that are a bit less common? Check out some of these rare dogs and expand your knowledge of lesser-known canines.


Who wouldn't want a dog with dreads? Whether you're really into reggae or just looking for a large, one-of-a-kind pooch, you won't have to look much further than the Komondor breed. Like human dreadlocks, these dogs are not born with cord-like hair. It can take a few years for dreads to form, and even longer for them to become the desired length.

Bull Terrier

Fondly known as "egg heads," full-size and miniature bull terriers have a head shape that is all their own. These goofy dogs may have a face that only a mother could love, but if you're looking for a pet that makes a statement - the bull terrier does just that.


Xolo-what? The Xoloitzcuintli, or "Mexican Hairless Dog" is most definitely rare - in more ways than one! As one of the oldest dog breeds, information on the Xolo goes wayyy back. And unlike some other hairless breeds, I would surely classify this dog as "cute" (and hypoallergenic!)

Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian Shepherd breed is, in one word, ginormous. Yes, believe it or not - that is an average size person in the photo above. Weighing well over 100 pounds and looking like a small bear, the Caucasian Shepherd is probably not for apartment-dwellers (or the faint of heart).

Brussels Griffon

Looking for a small companion, but want something other than your typical Chihuahua or Yorkie? What about a little Brussels Griffon puppy to call your own! Who couldn't love their squished faces, well-kept beards, and human-like facial expressions? They remind me of furry little gremlins - in the most adorable way, of course.

Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is known as a gentle breed - very similar to the lambs they resemble. Even though they are somewhat small, they spend a good amount of time at the groomer to keep their stylish hairstyle.

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