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    Updated on Jul 18, 2019. Posted on Oct 26, 2016

    19 Monsters Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have Food

    Those responsible must be locked up as soon as possible.

    1. All those who dare to break the seal on a jar of Nutella like this:

    2. Anyone who pours orange juice over cereal:

    3. Actually, anyone who uses orange juice inappropriately:

    4. People who decide to sample every donut in the box:

    5. People who open cereal boxes from the bottom:

    6. This girl who didn't understand what sharing a hot dog meant:

    7. This madman who eats Nutella on toast...WITH CHEESE.

    Anna Dushime / BuzzFeed / Via


    9. These criminals who peel their avocados instead of scooping them:

    10. People who dip cheese toast in coffee:

    11. People who bite into their Kit Kats like this:

    12. Or people who bite into kiwis like this:


    14. Delinquents who hollow out cheese leaving just the rind:

    15. The unacceptable practice of eating pizza with silverware:

    16. When people eat the cookies but LEAVE THE FROSTING?!!??!

    17. Anyone who takes the middle bit out of a cinnamon roll but leaves the rest behind:

    18. People who mix M&M's and Skittles in a candy dish:

    19. And finally, people who think that the red part of a Babybel is edible:

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