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    16 Maps That Will Change How You See France

    There are a lot more wolves there than you think.

    1. A map showing the number of kisses it is customary to give in each region.

    BuzzFeed France / Sources: /

    2. A map showing the presence of wolves in 2008.

    BuzzFeed France / Source: ONCFS / Réseau Loup / Via

    3. And the same map in 2016.

    BuzzFeed France / Sources: / ONCFS / Via*.GIF

    4. France as represented by an Arab cartographer in 1154.

    PHGCOM / Via

    The map, which was originally oriented north-downward, has here been turned upside down.

    5. The evolution of French territory from 985 to the present day.

    Obscurs / Via

    6. The names of the tribes who lived in Gaul in the first century BC.

    Cristiano64 / Via

    7. A map showing different regional languages.

    8. The main Roman roads starting from Lugdunum (Lyon), the capital of Gaul, and secondary roads.

    Eric Gaba, Flappiefh / Via

    9. The areas covered in France by the various Parisian stations today.

    Sémhur / Via

    10. A map showing the proliferation of motorways from 1940 to the present day.

    Benjamin Smith / Via

    11. France as seen by a sixteenth century Italian monk.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    12. The Frankish kingdom under Charlemagne.

    Ziguener / Via

    Note the presence of "Austrasie", which was one of the names proposed in 2016 for the Grand Est region.

    13. A map showing the location of French nuclear power plants.

    Domaina / Via

    14. A map showing levels of sunshine in France.

    SolarGIS / Via

    15. A map comparing the GDP of French regions and the GDP of equivalent countries in 2011.

    arnosteunv / Via

    16. Finally, and most importantly, a map showing which areas call this a "Galette des Rois", and which call it a "Gâteau des Rois".

    Slate / Via