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15 Awkward Moments Only Latinos Will Understand

Oh boy, oh boy. Decrease the pain with a refreshing Bud Light Chelada — it's good stuff.

1. When, upon finding out you're Hispanic, people only want to talk to you about that one Spanish class they took in high school, tacos, piñatas, and tequila.

2. Showing up to any event super late and realizing that, um, not everyone runs on Latino time.

3. When someone asks you if you speak "Mexican."

4. Trying to explain what shows like Sábado Gigante and Chabelo were.

5. When you don't look Hispanic and hear people talking crap about you in Spanish.

6. And also when you don't look Hispanic and get to overhear a conversation you definitely, absolutely were not intended to hear.

7. When you're eating out and you're thinking of a "limón" so you order a lemon but YOU WANTED A LIME, DAMNIT!

8. When you try to greet people with a kiss and they're like "WHOA WHOA WHOA."

9. When you hear someone is bringing Mexican food for lunch and they walk in with crunchy shell tacos stuffed with ground beef.

10. When your American friends force you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

11. When you translate something from Spanish to English and it makes exactly zero sense once out of your mouth.

12. Or when you just straight-up make up words while trying to translate them.

13. When you actually dance at a party but feel out of place 'cause everybody is just grinding like two butter sticks trying to melt each other.

14. When you have to lie about being excited after getting invited to a wedding that starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 7 p.m.

15. Oh, and even worse, when you get to a ~party~ and there are like three people and a board game.

Good thing drinking good stuff isn't awkward. Enjoy an ice-cold Bud Light Chelada any day.