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How Would You Die In A Telenovela?

Look, someone has to die in a novela, and this time it’s you. Pair your favorite hobbies (like novela-watching) with a cold and refreshing Bud Light Chelada.

11 Incredibly Inventive Tacos That Will Make You Say "Ay Dios Mío"

Taste buds = LIT. Wanna make these tacos even more bomb? Pair them with an ice-cold Bud Light Chelada.

15 Awkward Moments Only Latinos Will Understand

Oh boy, oh boy. Decrease the pain with a refreshing Bud Light Chelada — it's good stuff.

Are You More Bacon Or Chicharrón?

So, are you 100% bacon or 100% chicharrón? Or are you the best of both worlds and 50/50? Whichever you are, know the best choice to pair any scrumptious snack is without a doubt a Bud Light Chelada.