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    If you’ve ever tried a juice cleanse, you’ll be aware that drinking your juice is often not a pleasant affair with the taste being rather unpalatable and, I will bet you’ve said to yourself “if it tastes bad, it’s got to be good for me, right?”

  • Spring Summer 2014 Fashion

    Combining Pretty Pastel and Animal Prints for Spring / Summer 2014 Springtime is one of the prettiest times of year, as rainy season is ending and days are turning bright and beautiful, we are all set to ditch the dark and drab clothing and move on into a light wardrobe packed with Spring Summer fashion.

  • Begone, Flu & Cold Bug!

    Ah-choo! Was that bubba or you sneezing? Influenza, more commonly referred to as flu, is a virus that lives in a host cell and replicates itself from there. Anyone suffering from the influenza may have to deal with sneezing bouts and excessive mucous.

  • Review: Baby Marcel/ Guardian I-Angel

    TAKING THE WEIGHT OFF MOTHERS EVERYWHERE- The immense joy one feels that is unmeasurable, perhaps that’s why babies are called bundles of joy! As time passes, our bundles of joy grow a little bigger and taller, and with that comes backaches and shoulderaches.

  • Don’t Neglect Your Feet

    TOP-TO-TOE PAMPERING – DONT FORGET YOUR FEET!!! We often express our desire for top to toe pampering but most of us never complete the whole picture. We always concentrate on hair care, skin care and make up but being beautiful and feeling fabulous has to be a top to toe necessity.

  • Hello Kitty Plush Toys

    Hello Kitty fans in Singapore will be the first market in the world to get their hands on a new series of Hello Kitty Bubbly World plush toys, when they launch on 28 April 2014 in McDonald’s Singapore.

  • PasarBella & Friends Go To Town At Marina Bay Sands From Mar 7-30

    For the month of March, PasarBella will be hosting a vibrant and convivial outdoor food and lifestyle market “PasarBella & Friends Go To Town” with over 20 traders, including existing PasarBella traders at the events plaza at Marina Bay Sands, between Avalon and Louis Vuitton. PasarBella & Friends Go To Town is a great way to explore and check out PasarBella’s traders (without head too far out west). Located along the boardwalk, it’s a great way to let kids run free while the adults indulge in gourmet delights

  • Benzac 5 Day Challenge

    LETS OUTWIT THE ZITS WITH BENZAC- When we were recently invited to take part in the Benzac 5 Day Challenge we happily accepted and set out on the quest in hand which was to ‘outwit the zits’ ! Our teenage kids, Phelica and Edward, were excited to trial and test Benzac which is recommended by dermatologists and brought to us by Galderma.

  • Children’s Garden – A New Place To PLAY

    WE adore Gardens by the Bay, we have visited the Cloud Forest where we marveled at the waterfall, we’ve stepped around the beautiful blooms in the Flower Dome and, of course, we’ve stopped at Satay by the Bay…now we can take some time while the kids play in their very own Garden at the Far East Organization Children’s Garden.

  • Creating An Ambience Of Love

    February is widely known as the month of love, thanks to Valentine’s Day on the 14th. It is always easy for the gentlemen to get a gift for the ladies – a bouquet of roses, a candlelight dinner, and the latest luxury handbag or jewellery.

  • Soothe Bubba Silently, With Essential Oil

    You are out in public when bubba decides to have a public melt down. No amount of gentle words, bribes or stern warnings can get bubba to calm down. What can you do next? My secret weapon for quickly and safely dealing with such a difficult situation in public is the Peace & Calming blend by Young Living essential oils. As its name suggests, it silently calms down your bubba within minutes of application, instilling a sense of relaxation and calm. It is particular handy during episodes of depression, anxiety or stress. I like to drop a few drops of Peace & Calming into a diffuser in my room and also to rub one to two drops on bubba’s tummy, back and neck.

  • Body Scrub Your Way To Silky Smooth Skin

    We all want silky smooth skin that is bright and not so tired looking. Of course, there’s the high-end salons that offer the service or we can find top beauty labels tempting us with beautiful jars of mixtures but, did you know just how quick and simple it is to mix up your very own homemade body scrub. What’s more, by doing this you are sure to add in the ingredients perfect for your skin care needs and it goes without saying you’ll save yourself a little money too.

  • Black Soybean Tofu Milk Soup With Tiger Prawn

    This is first of seven recipes made with Unicurd’s newest product, Black Soybean Tofu. If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual soup for Chinese New Year, this is the one! Soup recipes made with tofu are incredibly creamy, yet so light on the palate. Feel free to skip the seasonings if you’d like an even healthier version. This recipe was created by Chef John See of The Food Dot.

  • The Wonders Of Korean Ginseng

    Perhaps some of us might know the wonders of Ginseng, but how much do you really know about the “King of all Herbs”? The recent Korean Ginseng Festival has shed some light on many benefits and myths of Ginseng, plus, there’ll be some recipes to boot.

  • Black Soybeans, The Black Treasures Of Protein

    The only soy products to go for are the ones made with Non-Genetically Modified (GMO) soybeans! And you can trust local brand, Unicurd, to use only Brazilian non-GMO beans. What’s unique about their black treasures is that they’re made from black soybeans. These contain 25% more calcium than regular soybean and higher levels of antioxidants which may lower risks of cancer.

  • BodySpark Bust Treatment

    Have you heard of Intense Pulse Laser (IPL) for bust enhancement and firming? BodySpark is the first spa out of Japan to offer this service in Singapore and Taiwan.

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