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    • bsom1one

      Hey, if ur under age 40-“slow ur role”..DID YOU VIEW THE TAPE-ITS RIGHT THERE— Quote FBI-“Go Go,he doesn’t know how to use the pipe”,then seen Agents walking across the bed! FACT: Barry is on the tape,.”How You Use this thing (pipe)-baby.” Critics should have the courage to enlist “Fact” Marion Barry brought bottle of “XO Premium Liquor” to Vista Hotel for yes,.a “booty call”! The Crack&Pipe were property of girlfriend Rasheda Moore compliments your Tax Dollars given her by “Undercover Agents who brought her here from California”! (bet that won’t be in the book!)Also remember ugly Penn Ave before Barry helped initiate PAED (Pennsylvania Ave.Development Corp-before “Freedom Plaza”?(will that be in book?)Of course,any White-colored person may write any book,..if writer is “rooted in a factual perspective,..not media-popular rhetoric!No,I’m not biased,..just DO YOUR HOMEWORK,then criticize ! Your previous President gets “a pass” because he didn’t inhale,and the media says enjoyed his after Lunch “Booty Call” in the White House coatroom!

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