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#ThisIsHowIHOP - How Do You?

We asked you to share your IHOP stories and boy did you deliver! Do you like pancakes in the morning, or maybe a healthy meal for lunch or after a long run. At IHOP we have options for every occasion. Here are our favorite submissions so far. Keep Vining though and be sure to tag #ThisIsHowIHOP for a chance to make the list!

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1. Fresh fruits and veggies go perfect with our healthy lunch and dinner menus. #ThisIsHowIHOP

2. Don't just track your workouts, make sure you eat right too! #ThisIsHowIHOP

3. Late night at the office? Don't worry, we're not just a breakfast place, we're open for dinner! #ThisIsHowIHOP

4. 9 miles down, time for lunch at IHOP ! #MarathonTraining #ThisIsHowIHOP

5. #ThisishowIHOP at work

6. making good life choices #thisishowIHOP #simpleandfit

7. Late night pancakes #ThisIsHowIHOP

8. A late night workout, followed by late night dinner #ThisIsHowIHOP
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