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14 Reasons You Need To Visit Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth (n.) A nostalgic yearning which is in itself more pleasant than the thing being yearned for.

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1. The starlings

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Every evening, as the sun sets, a cloud of starlings (or murmurations as they're officially known) swim in shifting shapes above the pier. It's hypnotic and beautiful and impossible to watch without taking a million pictures.

2. The Commodore Cinema


It might not look like much from the picture, but the Commodore Cinema is so cosy. The atmosphere is full of nostalgia, with just one screen, a basement bar and a little confectionary stand beside the screen that opens before the film starts.

4. The Arts Centre


The Arts Centre is the cultural hub of Aberystwyth, with theatre shows, an art gallery, book shop, and a cafe selling the most AHmazing cakes. It also has a cinema that shows an eclectic mix of movies, from classics to independent releases and blockbusters. I even met the star of Human Centipede 2 there — FACT.

5. Polly

Facebook: PollyAberystwyth

Aberystwyth's selection of shops is pretty limited, but it's also scattered with independent gems that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Polly in particular is filled with a dreamy mixture of vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. It also always smells incredible in there.

5. Scholars


If your ideal night out involves a couple of pints, sofas to sink into and live music, Aberystwyth is the greatest. The majority of the town's nightlife is made up of pubs and bars, each with their own unique character. One of my personal favourites is Scholars, with its scruffy yet cosy decor and the best live music from local bands.

6. The two town clubs have pun names


I wish there was more to sell these two nightclubs, but in all honesty, they're pretty grotty (which to be fair, is the consensus for most clubs). Still, you've gotta give credit to any establishment that uses a pun in its name (right?).

8. There's a very big hill


It's called Constitution Hill (or "Consti" once you get acquainted). If you ever fancy a stroll of the steep, uphill kind, this is your guy. Once you reach the top there's a little cafe that sells tasty toasties and ice cream, along with a Victorian camera obscura. If anything though, climbing all the way up is worth it just for the amazing view.

If the walking seems like too much effort, you could always take the...

9. Funicular railway


Which opened on the 1 August 1896, so is pre-tty old. It's a little bit like riding a very slow and slightly creaky rollercoaster ride, but once again, the views are breathtaking (and it saves you from the otherwise impending post-climb achey legs).

11. Devil's Bridge


Legend has it that some time around the 11th century the devil visited Wales. He ran into an old lady who'd lost her cow on the other side of the river and agreed to build her a bridge if she agreed that he could keep the first living thing to cross it. The next morning, the old lady found the bridge but outwitted the devil by getting her dog to cross it first. Embarrassed, he vanished.

It's still there today (and totally safe to cross without being abducted by the devil). The scenery is beautiful and it's just 12 miles outside of Aberystwyth.

13. The Sea

There's something so peaceful about being beside the sea; its vastness untangling every anxious thought. Aberystwyth has a truly beautiful coastline too, curving like an arm that's trying to carry the water, while the seafront lights yawn across the shore.

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