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    13 Ridiculously Creative Red Envelopes From The Lunar New Year

    Show me the money!

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share pictures of the hong bao (red envelopes) they received on the Lunar New Year. Here's what they got:

    Show Us The Red Envelopes You Got On Chinese New Year via @brynosaurous

    BuzzFeed Community@BuzzFeedersFollow

    Show Us The Red Envelopes You Got On Chinese New Year via @brynosaurous

    5:04 PM - 18 Feb 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

    1. This envelope illustrating the Year of the Ram. Baaaah.

    2. These envelopes where someone mistakenly thought it was the Year of the Snake, but made up for it with Hello Kitty and her friends.

    Via Twitter: @Elva__Chen

    Submitted by Elva__Chen

    3. This envelope with a girl happily holding flowers — mirroring how we all feel about holding money.

    4. This envelope with ~questionable~ cartoon characters emulating all the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

    5. These envelopes too delicious to open.

    jenniferc4d848db34 / Via

    Submitted by jenniferc4d848db34

    6. These envelopes festively dressed for the new year.

    Via Twitter: @AmyL_1020

    Submitted by AmyL_1020

    7. These envelopes featuring the Minions, Elsa, and Anna.

    pahncapricorn / Via

    Submitted by pahncapricorn.

    8. This envelope that's brilliant in its simplicity.

    9. These envelopes that make you want to shout "gimme!"

    10. These envelopes that are personalized with names.

    elishiah / Via

    Submitted by elishiah

    11. These envelopes that are borderline bragging.


    Submitted by amyl42d4d03f6

    12. And these overachievers.

    mumm / Via

    Submitted by mumm.

    13. But who's not lovin' it?

    Amy L. / Via

    Submitted by amyl42d4d03f6

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