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    • bryanjb

      It’s either one way or another…I’m either too fat or not fat enough. To be told I would be cuter if I gained 200lbs in SF and to be fat shamed on Grindr in DC…Everyone’s got a preference and odds are unless they are sexually promiscuous, you might not be theirs. There’s the same types of prejudice for those who want traditional/monogamous relationships. “Stop supporting the oppression archetype,” they say. But that’s what I want, what my parents have had for 25 years and if it oppresses you that I want that, then get over it. Basically, Own you and FUCK the rest. Yes, there is some major FOMO when you see younger, cuter, hotter, fitter people hooking up— Every day I wish I was more this or more that. Everyone has that problem. But yes being fat and gay in the mainstream ain’t an easy life and people could be way kinder—but once you realize that it’s all relative then you’ll be much happier.