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Stormtrooper Discovery

After years of the perpetual intergalactic frown, we've discovered that the Stormtrooper is actually, well ... happy!

leftystumbler 6 years ago

Newtown Tragedy Tribute Poster

A simple, powerful image created in memory of the innocent lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School - by Bryan Brunsell

leftystumbler 7 years ago

The Universe In Us

Our eyes are as beautiful as the galactic nebulae. We're part of the universe as much as the universe is part of us.

leftystumbler 7 years ago

Jeremy Lin As NBA Logo

Creative designer Bryan Brunsell reimagines the NBA logo with Jeremy Lin as it's icon. Why not?

leftystumbler 7 years ago

Ridiculous Watch Price On

Oh boy, the watch was $145,000.00 ... Amazon's price is $86,999.99 ... you save a whopping $58,000.01 on this Zenith Men's 96.0529.4035/51.M Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch!!! Yippie. The customer reviews are priceless.

leftystumbler 7 years ago

iPhone Texting Concept

Simple, but revolutionary. This needs to happen now. A concept by creative designer Bryan Brunsell.

leftystumbler 8 years ago