10 Typical Brazilian Food Everyone Should Try

Brazil is not only samba and football, we also have some of the most delicious dishes of the world!

1. Feijoada

Oh, those delicious beans with sausage and bacon and dried meat

2. Acai

Açaí is a typical brazilian fruit that can be consumed as juice, ice cream, or cream. Just add some other fruits, grains, condensed milk and enjoy it!

3. Tapioca

Tapioca is a native origin food, made mandioca-based. Can be stuffed with meat, chicken, tuna or even chocolate.

4. Pao de Queijo

A simple bread made with cheese that you can eat for hours and hours and you will still want more. (Please add some cream cheese to reach nirvana).

5. Coxinha

A potato-based dough stuffed with chicken and cream cheese. Do I need to say more?

6. Fried mandioca

It’s just like if french fries were taken to another level of deliciousness.

7. Acaraje

A typical food from Bahia, it’s a fried dough made of beans and onions, stuffed with shrimps and pepper.

8. Brigadeiro

Cook some condensed milk with chocolate and you will find heaven.

9. Pacoca

A traditional candy made with peanuts and sugar.

10. Pamonha

Pamonha is made with corn, coconut milk and salt or sugar (depends on you, both are delicious) and may have or not cheese inside.

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