17 Tweets You'll Only Find Funny If You Love Going To The Movies

    Lights, Camera, Tweets.

    1. On unspoken seating rules:

    People who sit right next to me in an empty movie theater, who hurt you?

    2. On phone disruptions:

    3. On high prices:

    Just took out a loan from Capital One for my movie theater food. Hopefully I can pay it back in 5 years.

    4. On avoiding those high prices:

    When you gotta sneak food in the movie theater 😏

    5. On snacking:

    I wanna know what GENIUS made popcorn... the LOUDEST food in the HISTORY of mankind... the mascot for movie theater snacks!!!! 🙄🙄🙄

    6. On getting what you really want:

    my mom went into some random movie theater and asked for popcorn to go

    7. On brilliant theater ideas:

    If I ever get rich I’m gonna buy a movie theater that allows dogs but not kids

    8. On aging:

    You know you old when you’re in the movie theater and you look around for the remote cause it’s too loud.

    9. On special skills:

    job interview "so do you have any special talents?" me: I can eat all my movie theater popcorn before the previews even start.

    10. On making quick friends:

    The next time you're at a movie theater while the previews are showing, look at the stranger next to you & say "We should see that together"

    11. On unconventional movie snacks:

    When the lights dim in the movie theater and she goes into her purse for the 8 piece and biscuits>>>>>

    12. On bending rules:

    Signs at the movie theater: "ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED." Me:

    13. On almost empty theaters:

    when it's just you and one other guy in a movie theater

    14. On awkwardness:

    movie theater employee: enjoy the movie me: you too

    15. On strict theater policies:

    To those people that work at the movie theater and put their life on the line to defend the honor of the theater policy chill tf out..

    16. On tight spaces:

    when you're at the movies and someone has to walk in front of you in the aisle

    17. And finally, on comfort:

    when every seat is taken n you get front row at the movie theater

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