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    24 Tweets About Girl Scout Cookie Season That'll Make You Laugh And Probably Crave Thin Mints

    Infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier.

    1. It's that time of the year again, folks.

    There are 5 seasons: Winter, Spring, Girl Scout Cookie season, Summer, and Fall.

    Via Twitter: @allydicesare

    2. Girl Scout Cookies are here.

    girl scout: hi how are yo- me: thin mints

    Via Twitter: @erinbcmurray

    3. They're here to test you.

    It’s Girl Scout cookie season, Lord please lead me not into temptation

    Via Twitter: @alexandra__cari

    4. And your relationships.

    last night I asked my boyfriend if I could have a Girl Scout cookie... this dude looks at me with a serious face & tells me “one”💀

    Via Twitter: @LaurenNicole_07

    5. You'll try to resist it at first.

    Via Twitter: @jf

    6. But face it, this is something our bodies need every year.

    Maslow's hierarchy of needs, except each tier is a different type of Girl Scout cookie

    Via Twitter: @e_vern23

    7. Before you know it, one cookie turns into one box.

    They don't make girl scout cookie bag resealable because they know damn well you're going to finish the entire thing in one sitting

    Via Twitter: @alyssa_parise

    8. Better just put your diets on hold.

    The start of the Girl Scout cookie season marks the official end of the New Year’s resolution season. #prayers

    Via Twitter: @LloydLegalist

    9. This is a judgement-free zone.

    Can we all please agree to not judge each other during Girl Scout cookie season? Thanks.

    Via Twitter: @darren_bousman

    10. Plus, it would be wrong not to support your troops.

    on one hand eating an entire sleeve of girl scout cookies for lunch is probably unhealthy, but on the other hand, y…

    Via Twitter: @rad_milk

    11. It's time to stock up.

    Who I DON’T want to marry is someone who sees a table full of Girl Scout Cookies for sale and thinks we only need o…

    Via Twitter: @Hendrickslamar_

    12. But first you've gotta find a dealer.

    trying to convince my sister to be a girl scout so our family has a cookie plug

    Via Twitter: @aalexalmanza

    13. And this isn't as easy as it may seem.

    I hit my Girl Scout cookie plug’s mom to place an order with her and found out that she quit trapping in order to f…

    Via Twitter: @jnthnwll

    14. Gotta do what you gotta do.

    mission: girl scout cookies plan: infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier

    Via Twitter: @_skyeamber

    15. Listen up, Girl Scouts are smart...

    Girl Scouts are fucking ruthless selling right outside of a Dispensary

    Via Twitter: @cassiehusnu

    16. ...very smart.

    These Girl Scouts sitting outside Walmart just asked a girl if she wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies and she said no…

    Via Twitter: @maddie__cox

    17. They can also be savage...

    Girl Scout, looked me dead in the eyes and said "I got what you need" Me: You got the s'mores cookies? GS: You'll take thin mints. #Savage

    Via Twitter: @TabithaLipkin

    18. ...very savage.

    This little girl asked if I wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies and I said I couldn’t because I was going to be late t…

    Via Twitter: @Justinn_st

    19. They know you'll buy their flawless product no matter the price.

    please explain to me why Girl Scout cookie prices have SKYROCKETED to $5 a box?!?! No one should have to work ove…

    Via Twitter: @pacunamatada

    20. And no matter the circumstances.

    If you are rude to me & then you have the tenacity to ask me to buy Girl Scout Cookies from your kid-I'll take 50 boxes of Thin Mints please

    Via Twitter: @CulturedRuffian

    21. They'll stop at nothing.

    A girl scout was hanging out the passenger side of her moms ride trying to holler at me, these girls need to take it down a notch

    Via Twitter: @spamnangs

    22. They aren't here for your excuses.

    when I lie to a girl scout and tell her I left my whole wallet at home but she reminds me they take venmo

    23. If you encounter a Girl Scout, just be ready.

    *girl scout season* Me: “oh I don’t have cash” Girls Scouts nowadays: “we accept Venmo, Apple Pay, credit, debi…

    Via Twitter: @kristyvoo

    24. Buuuut if you want to avoid human contact, you can buy and receive your cookies without leaving the house!

    I can't believe, after years of suffering, you can get girl scout cookies online. I just stare at the online order…

    Via Twitter: @robotics

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