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    30 Winter Accessories To Gussy Up Your Puffer Coat This Season

    Just because it's cold doesn't mean we can't look cute, amirite ❄️

    1. A tartan blanket scarf to wrap yourself in whenever the elements are at their most brutal but you still want to look cute.

    2. A satin-lined hat you could technically layer under your hood, but is so cute you won't want to. Plus, the satin lining can help keep staticky tresses at bay, and the faux-fur pom-pom is removable, if that's not your thing!

    3. A knitted drawstring pullover hood to wear with any coat that doesn't already come with built-in head protection (or for when you don't want to deal with your puffer's giant hood getting in the way!).

    4. A pair of soft touchscreen gloves so you'll be able to scroll and text without your fingers turning blue. Plus, they're machine washable!

    5. Some faux-fur wrist cuffs to give your parka a luxe touch — plus, they're great for when the arms of your jacket are a liiittle too short and you need some extra coverage.

    6. A Rose Apothecary beanie that's anything but "Ew." So cute and will keep any Schitt's Creek fan's head toasty!

    Model wearing the black Rose Apothecary beanie

    7. And, an ingenious beanie with built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can connect to your phone and listen to music while keeping your head nice and warm.

    8. Some fluffy, old-school earmuffs that'll become one of your favorite winter accessories once you see how cute they look (and how warm they keep your ears!).

    9. Or, a faux-fur headband for anyone who wants to channel some Dr. Zhivago vibes.

    10. An adorable enamel pho lapel pin so you can wear your favorite winter meal on your favorite winter coat.

    11. A classic beret that'll have everyone saying, "ooh-la-la!" when you enter the ski lodge (solely to sip hot cocoa in front of the fire, of course).

    12. Or, for something a little different, a furry beret as a cozy alternative.

    Model wearing the red furry beret

    13. A stretchy waist belt so you can instantly mix up the silhouette of your boxy puffer.

    14. A brilliant beanie that comes with a built-in removable face mask — how's that for not sacrificing style for function?

    15. A furry bucket hat for anyone who is *THRILLED* that early 2000s styles are back, baby!

    16. Some sleek leather gloves to make you feel just *so* fancy — plus, they're lined with super-soft cashmere AND you can use them with your touchscreen.

    17. Some chic round Ray-Bans, because eye care is important even during gray winters, so why not be proactive and stylish?

    18. Or, a timeless pair of tortoiseshell shades to keep those eyes protected and looking classy. They come with polarized lenses and (!) are made from recycled plastic.

    19. A plaid trapper hat that'll make you look like you're prepared to weather any blizzard, even if your ideal winter activity is hunkering down inside.

    20. A comfy pocket scarf to keep your hands warm when you forget your gloves at home (tsk-tsk!).

    21. A pair of cozy wool mittens that are sure to elicit some nostalgic memories of winters past. Plus, they're lined with fleece for extra warmth.

    Overhead shot of the beige gloves resting on a reviewer's lap

    22. A *stunning* floral-print neck gaiter you can adjust to your desired fit using the elastic cord. Be prepared for everyone to ask where you got it so they can buy one, too.

    23. Some twisty knit headbands that'll keep long hair out of the way and protect your ears from the cold when you don't want to deal with "hat hair."

    24. A straight-up regal faux-fur collar to elevate any winter get-up in a snap, whether you're wearing the parka you've had for years or the floor-length puffer you finally splurged on.

    Model wearing the red collar over a denim jacket

    25. An old-school Turtle Fur neck warmer (remember those?!) that's a trusty, no-fuss winter staple for anyone who wants to turn any top into a turtleneck.

    26. A chunky-knit infinity scarf to snuggle up in when winter feels like it will, indeed, last for infinity. The good news is, no hanging fabric to deal with!

    27. A truly darling bow-embroidered beanie that'll make everyone who sees you wearing it instantly turn into the IRL version of the 🥺 emoji.

    The yellow bow embroidered beanie

    28. A playful pom-pom beanie so you can unleash your inner Care Bear — and reviewers say its fleece lining makes it really warm, too.

    29. An oh so soft cashmere bandana to add a subtle pop of color to your look while keeping your neck roasty-toasty.

    30. And, a fleece cap with built-in ear warmers for anyone who enjoys going for runs in the snow (respect!). It has a ponytail opening to keep long hair out of the way, and once your ears have adjusted, just flip up the warmers and wear like a regular baseball cap!

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