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    Just 38 Things Your Parents Will Be *Relieved* To Find In Your Home

    You'll always be their baby, but thanks to these things they'll actually start thinking of you as an adult.

    1. Our Place's SWOONWORTHY Always Pan, which will make your parents beam with delight when they realize you don't *actually* order takeout for every meal. It'll quickly become your go-to cooking vessel (it's a certified BuzzFeed FAVE), and not only will its lovely minimalist aesthetic make you eager to get in the kitchen, it'll also save precious storage space.

    2. A pair of extra-long oven mitts, because as much as they want you to cook for yourself, they're still a little worried about their baby burning themselves (reasonable!). As someone who used to bake for a living, take it from me: Your wrists and forearms are the most vulnerable when it comes to oven burns, so it's wise to keep that area as covered-up as possible!

    Reviewer wearing the red and black oven mitts

    3. A popular Levoit air purifier so your parents can breathe a sigh of relief about your home's air quality. Plus, it's really a twofer, since reviewers also say it's effective at eliminating bad odors (this gets another thumbs-up from your folks).

    4. An Angry Mama microwave cleaner, because you haven't lived with your mom for a while, and she'll be happy that someone else has taken her place when it comes to reminding you to clean that filthy thing. Just fill with vinegar and water, heat in the microwave for five to seven minutes, then marvel at how easily the tomato soup that exploded all over your microwave last month wipes right off.

    5. Shelf dividers that'll put an end to the disorderly state of your linen closet (their words, not mine) once and for all. Separate the towels from the washcloths and the sheets from the quilts, and feel a sense of pride when you open the door and know *exactly* where the item you're looking for is.

    Reviewer photo showing shelf dividers used to separate stacks of towels in their linen closet

    6. Dishwasher-cleaning tablets, because, as your folks always say, how clean can your dishes really be if your dishwasher itself is a mess? Just pop them into the tray where you'd normally put detergent (or on the bottom of your dishwasher if you're washing dishes at the same time), and run as usual!

    7. And, some dye- and chlorine-free dishwasher detergent pods so they'll stop associating you with having a mountain of dirty dishes in your sink at all times.

    8. *AND!* a dishwasher magnet you can flip to say whether the contents inside are clean or dirty — a seemingly small gesture with potentially major peace-keeping results. Your folks will fondly think back on the days when you still lived at home and would add dirty plates to a dishwasher filled with clean ones (even though they were ridiculously annoyed at the time).

    The white and black clean/dirty magnet stuck to a dishwasher

    9. A set of MATCHING towels to replace those raggedy threadbare ones you've had since college (which your folks have been telling you to toss This set comes with two pairs of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths, and will truly make you (and them) feel like you have your life together.

    10. An unassuming but incredibly popular mop and bucket set that even professional house cleaners swear by for spotless floors. No need to lie and tell your parents that you magically learned to love cleaning, they'll just be thrilled to discover that you do, you know, ACTUALLY clean.

    11. A moisture meter to let your folks know that while you still very much lack a green thumb, you're still giving it your all when it comes to keeping those succulents they gave you alive. Use it to gauge the wetness level of the soil, because let's face it, sometimes it's really hard to tell just by looking at it!

    A reviewer's plant with the meter inside, showing it is slightly over watered

    12. Some slip-resistant velvet hangers for a less cluttered closet that might actually be the thing that convinces them you've made it to adulthood?! Gone are the days of opening your closet only to see your most delicate dresses and blouses collecting dust on the floor, and since these hangers have an ultra-thin design, you'll save precious storage space, too.

    Reviewer before and after showing a closet with clothes hanging on bulky plastic hangers, and the same closet looking much neater with the velvet hangers

    13. And, a hanger stacker, because literally no one should ever have to deal with (or look at) a messy pile of tangled hangers EVER. Just seeing that first photo is making me cringe on your folks' behalf.

    14. A draft guard to keep frigid gusts from sneaking under your door when your super takes for-ev-er to fix your broken radiator. Your parents have been asking if they can "write a letter" to your landlord about this since you moved in.

    Model putting the draft guard under a door

    15. A robot vacuum cleaner that — if we're being honest — will likely do a more thorough job of cleaning your floors than you would on your own. Your parents know how much you hated vacuuming as a teenager, and although they might consider it taking the lazy way out, they'll just be thankful you're taking care of your floors at all.

    16. Some super popular washing machine-cleansing tablets to give them extra assurance that your linens aren't mingling with odor-causing residue while they're being "cleaned." Simply place one tablet in your empty washing machine and run a normal wash cycle for a cleaner, better-smelling appliance.

    17. A personalized leather pot handle cover, because we've all absentmindedly reached for a piping-hot cast iron skillet at some point in our lives. Having this will show them that A. You actually do cook, and B. Can do it safely!

    The tan leather pot handle cover with the letter A on it

    18. A window blind duster brush to seriously cut down on the amount of time it takes to do what is likely one of your least favorite tasks. They'll be downright stunned, not only by the fact that you do, in fact, clean your blinds, but that you cared enough to buy a dedicated tool for it!

    19. A set of "Be Our Guest" hand towels, because when it comes to hospitality, they like to think they taught you well. They'll also be pleased as punch when they realize you're not as much of a recluse as they thought you were.

    20. A freestanding coat rack to impress them with the fact that your "jacket slung over a chair" days are finally behind you.

    The wood coatrack holding a jacket, bag, and hat

    21. A red wine stain remover that'll ease any apprehensions they might have about the raucous parties they imagine you host at your place. (Little do they realize your idea of a wild night these days is bingeing Euphoria while eating a box of Easy Mac).

    22. An otherworldly room spray they'll be pleased to find really *does* help counteract the odor of your cat's litter box.

    Four bottles of the room and linen spray in different scents

    23. Some reusable freezer bags, because parents love a budget, and they'll be so proud to see you becoming a genuinely frugal-minded adult. These also cut down on single-use plastic consumption, and they're a must-have for organization aficionados!

    24. A weekly shower cleaner designed for even the most reluctant tidy-uppers. Your parents will be astounded when they see your spotless tub, so much so that they'll actually be open to using it when they stay over (unlike the grody one in your college apartment).

    25. A food container lid organizer, because if there's anything we can all agree on, it's that lids have a mysterious way of disappearing when they're just shoved into a drawer. And look at you taking initiative! The 'rents will be so proud 😭

    26. A silicone utensil rest to keep saucy spoons and grease-slicked spatulas from messing up your counter. Sometimes the littlest things make our parents turn into the IRL version of the heart eyes emoji, and we'll take it.

    reviewer image of spatula and wood spoon resting on holder

    27. A 100 percent natural oven scrub, because it's many years of avoiding this dreaded task? Your folks will likely frame this as a "better late than never" situation and celebrate the fact that you're taking any action at all.

    28. A complete flatware set to ensure you're not short a fork (the horror!) when you invite your family over to dinner for the first time. Plus, your parents will be amazed by the fact that you have a set of actual serving utensils!

    29. A broom and mop organizer because — if your parents have anything to say about it — no, propping your Swiffer against the wall in a random corner of your house does not count as "putting it away"

    Reviewer photo showing the organizer with a broom, Swiffer, and even a drill attached to it

    30. A genius T-shirt roll holder to keep those tees they were used to seeing all over your childhood bedroom floor nice and organized. It holds 16 rolled-up shirts with its stretchy loop compartments, though it can also be used to store things like paper towels and crafting supplies!

    BuzzFeed Shopping Editor Mallory Mower's closet door closed with several shirts hanging from a hook at the top of the door. The shirts are attached by rolling them up and putting them through stretchy loops.

    31. A silverware sorter because they firmly believe there should only be one junk drawer allowed per household, and the cutlery drawer isn't it. This one fits up to 48 pieces!

    32. A carpet spot-removing spray to put their minds at ease whenever they envision you recklessly eating tomato soup in front of the TV in your white-carpeted living room (they think about this more than you'd guess!).

    33. A wood polish and conditioner that'll show them you really do care about preserving the heirloom furniture they passed down to you (despite the fact that your cat uses it as a scratching post). It contains beeswax, which acts as a protective coating, along with oils that help condition the wood to keep it from drying out.

    34. A cabinet door organizer for keeping what can often be one of the most chaotic storage spaces in one's home looking perfectly put-together (your folks will faint). It'll also give you easy access to your cutting boards, sheet pans, and food wrap without having to dig through the depths of your messy drawers.

    35. A silicone sink strainer that'll keep your drain free of chunky food residue (and anything else that may find its way into your sink). If there's anything parents love, it's preventative measures, and they'll be ecstatic to see you being proactive when it comes to avoiding having to hire a plumber to unclog your drain.

    Reviewer photo of a strainer in its natural state above a strainer in its inverted state