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11 Giraffes Who Are Going To Destroy The World

These giraffes will end days, Kurt Vonnegut style.

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1. This pupil-less, hornéd demon:

donielle / Via Flickr: vampiress144

2. This one, who's going to spit pure fire on all of us:

GalacticCow / Via

3. This one, who's going to wait for the perfect moment to emerge from Loch Ness:

thedailydingo411 / Via

4. This one, who's "so done" and ready kick our faces:

ingodesigng5 / Via Flickr: ingodesign

5. This giraffe, who's gonna explode any day now:

Czarkesm / SpongeBob SquarePants / Nickelodeon / Via

"It's a giraffe"

6. This sneaky bitch, who is physically all neck:

ryanwellis / Via

7. This motorist, who's going to slowly clean the streets:

taltigolt / Via

but, like, in a bad way

8. This one, who's gonna jack your shit:


9. This one, who doesn't g.a.f.

PhoneDojo / Via

10. This one, who's out to kick:

pandarenization / Via

11. "Shit":

Cindy Cornett Seigle / Via Flickr: cindy47452

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