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  • Yoga Supergran: Bro Or Not?

    The yoga supergran is known for doing intense yoga moves, such as the agonizing peacock pose (a move that true bros dream of achieving at peak health) in the middle of the road, obstructing traffic in the name of yoga. At age 83, the yoga supergran doesn’t take any shit from anyone. All that matters is yoga. The yoga supergran intends on busting mad yoga moves in the middle of the f*cking road and no one can stop her. Lotus position, anyone? Sit the f*ck down oncoming Honda Prelude, yoga supergran owns the road. Is the yoga supergran a bro? Click on the image below to let us know!


    Andrew Meyer was a college bro who became an overnight sensation due to his ability to spout a meme-worthy catch phrase while getting tased by the University of Florida’s security team. Meyer got tased for talking shit to U.S. Senator John Kerry during an address at the University, and for refusing to leave the microphone after getting cut off. “DON’T TASE ME, BRO!” will echo throughout posterity as one of the internet’s greatest memes. Is Andrew Meyer the #1 internet bro of all time? Click on the image below to let us know!

  • Arthur Bropenhauer

    Arthur Bropenhauer was an arrogant German philosopher who used to talk shit against his contemporary, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegbro. He is famous for noting, in “The Ultimate Stratagem” chapter of The Art of Controversy, that “all mental pleasure consists in being able to compare oneself with other bros to one’s own advantage. Nothing is of greater moment to a bro than the gratification of his vanity, and no wound is more painful than that which is inflicted on it. Hence such phrases as ‘Death before dishonour,’ and so on. The gratification of vanity arises mainly by comparison of oneself with other bros, in every respect, but chiefly in respect of one’s intellectual and visceral broness.” Is Arthur Schopenhauer a bro? Click on the image below to have your say!

  • Point Break: Number One Bromance Of All Time?

    His golden locks fluttering in the open wind, Bodhi holds on firmly to rookie FBI agent and former Ohio State quarterback, Johnny Utah’s stiff, throbbing forearm, letting him know that he is emotionally available in this still from the cult surf bromance, Point Break. The two soar bromantically downward from the heavens while thinking of each other’s perfectly sculpted, naked abdomens. Is Brodhi a true bro? Is Point Break the number one bromance of all time? Click the image below to let us know!

  • Bill Gates: Bro Or Not?

    Youthful Bill Gates leans lasciviously upon a computer monitor in this nostalgic photo, his confident body language foreshadowing the upcoming success of his then burgeoning super monopoly. Is youthful Bill Gates a bro? Click on the image below to have your say!

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