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48+ Characters That Could Be On 'Once Upon A Time'

If you watch the hit T.V. show, Once Upon a Time, you will know that the show's writers have used quite a lot of characters in three seasons alone. But don't worry, fans! There are plenty more characters where that came from! First, I will list potential "good guys" and then potential "villains".

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1. Aladdin

It was smart of the Once Upon a Time writers to keep this street rat out of the story so far. It makes the anticipation that much more agonizing and it will be that much sweeter when we finally see the wanna-be prince.

3. Tiana

Tiana is a more modern girl who wants to provide for herself. She thinks that she doesn't have any time for love because there is just too much going on in her life. Sound familiar? I think that Tiana and Emma would get along splendidly.

6. Tarzan

Can you imagine a wild ape-man ending up in Storybrooke and learning all that modern civilization has to offer? I have a feeling that he would have a tougher time adjusting than the rest of the fairy-tale characters did.

8. King Triton

Imagine if King Triton (Ruler of the Sea) came to Storybrooke wondering where his youngest daughter has been all of this time? I think that he would be upset when he finds out exactly what happened to her... and who she is with.

10. King Arthur

Ever since we have seen Sir Lancelot in Season Two of Once Upon a Time, some fans have been eagerly waiting to see Lancelot's legendary King. And one has to ask: How many Kings and Princes can you put in one town before they start to butt heads?

11. Hercules

We have seen plenty of magic on this show. Now I think it is time that we see some super-strength. Plus I have a feeling that the women of Storybrooke will go all fangirl over this muscular man!

12. Megara

While the ladies may fawn over Hercules, let's face it: the guy wants the girl that is hard to get. Meg's 'I don't care' attitude is partly the reason why the hero wanted to pursue her in the first place.

13. Zeus

Again, this show has a lot of magic. But what about the ability to control the weather? Or in this case, lightning? I would be interesting to see what would win out: The power of magic or the deadly force of lightning?

14. All Greek Mythology Gods and Goddesses

Honestly, they could incorporate an entire season based entirely on Greek Mythology. We have seen that the writers aren't opposed to the idea, considering they introduced Medusa in this last season.

15. Marvel Characters

I think that everyone was a little surprised that the writers decided to use Frozen as one of the main plots for next season. And now that Disney has the rights to most of Marvel, I wonder if one of the realms that our cast could visit could be the Marvel Universe? They already went to the Enchanted Forrest, OZ, Wonderland, and Never-land. But what about a place that is not magical, but where the unbelievable is, well, believable. Like a place with super-powered heroes running around in spandex!

16. Paul Bunyan and Other American Folklore Stories

What if Tiny wasn't the only giant out there? But don't mistake these two as anything similar. Where Tiny is gentle and wants to farm beans and bond with humans; Paul Bunyan likes to take his axe and chop down trees all day and wrestle with his giant ox, Babe, causing a lot of destruction (and creation of mountains) to land in the process.

18. Sherlock Holmes

Because who doesn't love the sharp wit of Sherlock Holmes? I figure he can be from the same realm that Alice (from Once in Wonderland) came from. It would be interesting to see Sherlock solve mysteries with the factor of magic added into the equation.

19. Pocahontas

Honestly? Who doesn't love a free-spirit?! Pocahontas has a way of getting two groups of people (who don't see eye-to-eye) to make peace and see things differently for a change. Maybe with her on the show, we can see a lot more people getting along for once.

20. Merida & Family

We can never have too much girl-power on this show! Though she is quick with a bow-and-arrow, Merida is still growing up and still has plenty of things to learn. It would be fun to see her on that journey.

21. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy from Narnia

I wonder if Prince Charming would be able to respect the decisions Kings and Queens that also happen to be children? With the introduction of these characters, they would also be introducing another realm. For Narnia!!!!.....

22. Aslan the Lion from Naria

.... And For Aslan!!! Aslan was created as an analogy of Jesus. So, of course, he has a straight and narrow moral compass. I wonder how Regina would fare meeting him... or even Rumple?!

24. Prince Caspian from Narnia

Though his story is really similar to Hamlet or The Lion King, there are some differences in the journey Caspian takes to get his Kingdom back from his evil uncle. After being almost murdered by his uncle (sound familiar?), Caspian escapes and uses a magical horn to summon Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy back to Narnia. The story of Caspian would be able to tie in to the Once Upon a Time universe better than The Lion King or Hamlet. Especially with some of Narnia's magical properties.

25. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

Even though Maleficent put a sleeping curse on Aurora instead of cursing her to death in Once Upon a Time doesn't mean that the fairies weren't there when Maleficent cast it. They still could have hid her away while she was growing up. It would be nice to know Once Upon a Time's version of what happened to Aurora before the sleeping curse.

27. Esmeralda

A sultry gypsy who is sexy and knows it?! The male Once fans will maybe develop a little crush. But there is more to Esmeralda than a pretty face. She is a gypsy woman that prays to God to help the outcasts? You could say that her intentions are as pure as gold.

28. Quasimodo

He may not be one of the most attractive of Disney men, but he is one of the kindest. Quasimodo was locked up in a bell tower his entire life, and he still developed a kind heart.

If I were Regina, and I needed a heart that is pure and true, I would go after this guys!

... Just sayin'.

29. Characters from The Black Cauldron

Though, the movie wasn't as popular as other Disney movies (because it was deemed too scary for kids), the movie and story are actually quite good! It has a slight feel of Lord of the Rings because an ordinary boy sets out to save the world by stopping the Horned King and to fulfill his dreams of becoming a hero. Plus Gurgi reminds me of a lovechild between Smeagol and Dobby...

30. Doctor Facilier

Can you imagine a witch doctor (who has made a deal with the devil) running around a town like Storybrooke?! I would say that his power could rival against The Dark One. A showdown and mayhem may occur.

31. Cruella de Vil

Let's be honest, Cruella is nothing short of a mad woman! She will do anything to get her way, even kill 100 puppies for her fashion designs. I could see Cruella getting under Regina's skin.

33. Ursula

Her character was already mentioned in Once Upon a Time this last season and we even saw a glimpse of her. But we really want to go in deeper (yes that pun was intentional) into her character, and get to know the 'mystical goddess of the sea'.

34. Hades

Well, this is a little self-explanatory. There is so much leeway that the writers can use from the god of the underworld. Maybe through him, and their travels to the underworld, our hero's can even bring some of the dead characters back to life. *COUGH* Daniel *COUGH*

38. Van Helsing

I could easily see Van Helsing portray a villain in Once Upon a Time. I could see him going around slaying "monsters" with no remorse before they even have a chance to prove themselves. Every character is redeemable on Once Upon a Time. And who is to say that he doesn't see Rumpelstiltskin as a "monster" and try to go after him?

39. Lady Tremaine

Wouldn't it be interesting to see Regina (who was once considered as an evil stepmother, as well as the evil queen) meet Lady Tremaine, the wicked stepmother? Very interesting, indeed.

40. Anastasia and Drizella

Sure they were raised nasty, but what if they were eventually be redeemed. They were victims of a bad mother too, so why don't they get a second chance? We have already met Anastasia from Once in Wonderland, but what if both sisters found their way into Storybrooke and were judged harshly for how nasty they were to Cinderella?

41. Mummy

The mummy of King Tut or Cleopatra would be terrifying. Mummies are the equivalent to Zombies because they are also the walking dead. But in every mummy movie I have seen, the mummy is usually awoken by some ancient Egyptian curse. What if Egyptian curses were different than the ones that Rumple and Regina are used to? They wouldn't know how to stop it...!

46. The White Witch from Narnia

The White Witch was created as an analogy of the Devil. She kills mercilessly, and she doesn't have tolerance for unloyalty towards her. Elsa has nothing on this Ice Queen!

So? What do you think? Do you think that I left anyone out? Comment below and let me know!

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