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    Times Michael Jackson Was The Cutest

    Rest in Peace, King of Pop.

    Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop, for his legendary dance moves and game-changing music. I remember him for another reason.

    Being TOO. CUTE.

    Like this time when he flashed his million dollar smile to the camera.

    Or this time when he wasn't so smiley.

    Who can forget this time where he ripped open his shirt during a performance?!

    How about this time where he was so into the performance that it BROUGHT HIM TO TEARS?

    There's that smile again.

    All that glitter has nothing on that sparkly smile of his!


    He gave 150% during every single performance.

    Run, Michael, run!

    Get it.

    Still so shy and humble, even though he was an international celebrity.

    Jamming out like nobody's watching.

    How can you not love vintage Michael??


    Vintage Michael is all of us.

    Keep on dancing in Heaven, Michael.

    We wish we could see all of your smooth moves.

    Because we love you.

    And we miss you.