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    29 Things Everyone Who Works In Makeup Is Sick Of Hearing

    No, I cannot make you look like Kylie Jenner.

    1. "Will you do my makeup for free?"

    Billboard / Via

    This is a $100 service, don't even joke about that.

    2. "Oh, I always sleep with my makeup on."


    And you wonder why you're breaking out?

    3. "I don't wash my brushes either."


    It's really not that hard. Trust me, your skin will thank you for it.

    4. "Make me look like Kylie Jenner."

    Jennie Fava

    So excited for you to yell at me when we're finished because you don't look exactly the same.

    5. "When is *insert product* launching?"


    Honestly, the best place to find this out is Instagram. They usually find out before we do.

    6. "It's already launched elsewhere, why don't you have it?"

    Beamly / Oxygen

    Why are you asking me, a single employee, as if I know everything about this entire company?

    7. "Why was this discontinued? You used to have it!"

    Big Think / Via

    Yeah, I personally made the decision to pull this product from the shelves just to spite you. Sorry.

    8. "I need an exact replica of this discontinued lipstick."


    Sure thing! Let me just test every single lipstick in the store on my hand, only for you to give up and not buy anything anyway.

    9. "I don't actually need to wash my face, right?"

    Paramount Pictures

    You can forget looking at the makeup because asking this guarantees a one-way ticket to the skincare section.

    10. "I want the matte lipstick look, but I don't want to wear matte lipstick."

    20th Century Fox

    Think about what you just asked for and get back to me when you have a possible request.

    11. "Can you just check out the back?"

    Entertainment Tonight

    Sure! I'd love an excuse to go out the back and just avoid you for five minutes.

    12. "I know you close in five minutes, but I really need a foundation match."


    We've been open since 9am. Why did you choose to come in now?

    13. "Do you have *insert brand here that you definitely don't have*?"


    I swear half of this job is just directing people to other makeup counters.

    14. "I wear the shade Golden Beige."

    World of Wonder

    I'm definitely certain you should be wearing Porcelain.

    15. "Ohhh, this is really expensive..."

    Warner Brothers

    There is literally nothing I can do about that.

    16. "I don't have a fake tan at the moment, but can you foundation match me for a fake tan anyway?"

    51 Minds Entertainment

    I'm not psychic. I cannot guess what shade you plan on being.

    17. "I can get this cheaper online."

    Monami Entertainment

    Or: "I like *insert competitor* better."

    18. "I saw this product on Instagram, and I have no idea what it is. I need you to find out what it is for me."

    Funny Or Die / Via

    And then they show you on their phone a photo that’s clearly been reposted, with no tags or product mention.

    19. "Can I book in to have my makeup done right now?"

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Do not yell at us when we tell you we've been booked out for months. You brought this upon yourself.

    20. "I need you to fix my skin overnight."


    It's not that easy. Some of us have been trying to fix our skin for years and we still haven't succeeded.

    21. "Do you mind colour-matching me to every foundation in the store?"


    What could you possibly need to try 20 different foundations for?

    22. "Can I return this? I bought it and now I don't need it anymore."


    Don't lie to me about this "being the wrong colour" when we all know damn well it was just an impulse buy you regret.

    23. "I don't know anything about makeup! Will you teach me everything you know?"

    TV Land

    This took me five years of experience and three years of makeup school, but sure, I can teach you everything I know in five minutes.

    24. "My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and I don't know anything about this stuff. Just give me the most popular thing you have so I can get out of here."

    Warner Horizon

    Masculinity so fragile boys can't even pretend to care about their girlfriends hobbies.

    25. "OMG I wish I could work here!"

    Touchstone Television

    Then apply for a job! Just like everyone who works here had to.

    26. "I really want this but you're sold out. Can you find it for me? ... Actually, it's fine, I don't need it that bad."


    The best part is when they tell you they don't need it that badly after half an hour of trying to get it for them.

    27. "Can I get a sample? Or like... 15 samples?"

    Gold Circle

    Bonus points if they keep coming back for the same sample over and over again.

    28. "No, I didn't open the packet."

    New Line

    They say, with the opened packet in their hands.

    29. "Just browsing!"


    This is fine, except for when you yell it at us before we can even say "hello".