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25 Smells That Will Take Every Aussie Kid Right Back To The '00s

Why am I suddenly craving fairy bread and overripe mangoes?

1. Fairy bread

2. Lip Smackers

3. Strawberry ChapStick

4. Magic Goo Ballon

5. Hama beads being ironed


The smell of Hama beads under a hot iron was so distinct. It'll send you back to all the times you spent waiting eagerly to see your artwork.

6. Care Bears

7. Sharpies


The best day of the week was whenever you got to pull out the Sharpies and write your lunch order on a brown paper bag. The strong smell of Sharpie mixed with your excitement for lunch that day always put you in a good mood.

8. Overripe mangoes

9. Zinc sunscreen sticks

10. Mobile library books

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Mobile libraries smelt like musty old people, and the scent lingered in all the books. It really took effect on old books that hadn't been touched in ages.

11. Chlorine

12. Impulse Tease

13. The school bus

14. Crayons

15. VapoRub

16. Foohy Scented Erasers


Between their lava lamp rulers and their array of "Pencil Petz", it can be easy to forget Foohy's iconic scented erasers. The options included blueberry, grape, apple, and watermelon, but whether or not they actually smelt like that is up for debate.

17. Flowering Jacaranda trees

David Mcnew / Getty Images

The subtle honey smell of Jacaranda flowers is enough to take any Aussie back to their summers as a kid. When the flowers fell they painted the ground purple, and you thought it was the prettiest thing imaginable.

18. Freshly-baked ANZAC biscuits

19. A new backpack

20. Hot bitumen in summer

The 3B's / Flickr / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 3-bs

There was nothing like playing in the street on a boiling hot day, surrounded by the smell of scorching bitumen. Even if you tripped over and skinned your knee, the street was so hot that it would instantly cauterize the wound.

21. Play-Doh

22. Old Spice

23. Cola lollies

24. Smiggle highlighters

25. Werther's caramels

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