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23 Iconic Children's Toys You Probably Forgot About

How many hours did we spend building Marble Mazes for a minute of satisfaction?

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1. GloWorm

Instagram: @retrotoyaddict

These light-up snuggle buddies were comforting when you were young, but in hindsight they're actually kind of creepy-looking.

2. Waterful Ring Toss

You spent way too much time trying to beat these frustrating toys, but you always felt like an absolute boss when you did.

3. McDonald's Sonic games

McDonald's had some absolute bangers back in the day, including these handheld Sonic games. These simple toys covered everything from racing to soccer, and provided minutes of fun until you inevitably lost it.

4. McDonald's Snoopy toys

These happy meal toys had absolutely no function aside from looking cool. But that didn't stop you from wanting to collect them all.


5. Blow Pens

Thank goodness for the stencils, otherwise you never would have made anything recognisable.

6. Magic Goo Balloon

This stuff smelt and felt disgusting, so how was it so entertaining?

7. Betty Spaghetti

Their incredibly thin plastic locks were definitely your #hairgoals.

8. Crazy Bones

Turns out these little guys were basically just glorified jacks made infinitely more collectable.


9. Roboraptor

These remote-controlled raptors were as terrifying as they were awesome, especially since you were convinced that they had a mind of their own.

10. Mighty Beans

Bonus points if you also had the sweet ramp that you could slide them down.

11. Pound Puppies

It was always so exciting getting to free one of these little guys from their kennel box and welcome them into your life.

12. Hama Beads

There was nothing more intense than lining these beads up perfectly, only to knock the plate over and drop them all before you could get it ironed.


13. Beados

Beados were like Hama beads that stuck together with water instead of the need for an iron.

14. Marble Maze

You would spend hours putting these together just to watch a marble slide down.

15. Scoobies

Scoobies, scoubidous, lanyards, gimps. Whatever you called these, they definitely consumed your life. You'd spend all weekend trying to learn a new technique so that you could impress your friends at school. Or you did, until they were banned.

16. Stick-on earrings.

Instagram: @annie_weiwei

You knew you were gonna slay the playground with a pair of these bad boys on.


17. Finger monsters

Sometimes the most basic of toys were the most entertaining.

19. Tech Decks

Instagram: @george_eklunds_tech_deck

Everyone went through that period of primary school when the only way to get playground cred was to whip out one of these bad boys.

20. Bratz

Instagram: @chimpchimp92

Chloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin, and Dana made up the OG Bratz crew that featured some mild diversity.


21. Pick-up sticks

Drop the sticks and then pick one up again without moving the others. Who knew such a simple concept could be so intense?

22. Diva Starz

You always wondered how these things knew what clothes you had put on them. If any kid's toy becomes sentient and takes over the world, it will definitely be these.

23. Harry Potter Levitating Challenge

This game was literally magic and you refused to believe anything else.