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23 Iconic Children's Toys You Probably Forgot About

How many hours did we spend building Marble Mazes for a minute of satisfaction?

1. GloWorm

2. Waterful Ring Toss

3. McDonald's Sonic games

McDonald's had some absolute bangers back in the day, including these handheld Sonic games. These simple toys covered everything from racing to soccer, and provided minutes of fun until you inevitably lost it.

4. McDonald's Snoopy toys

5. Blow Pens

6. Magic Goo Balloon

7. Betty Spaghetti

8. Crazy Bones

9. Roboraptor

10. Mighty Beans

11. Pound Puppies

12. Hama Beads

13. Beados

14. Marble Maze

15. Scoobies

16. Stick-on earrings.

17. Finger monsters

18. Aquapets

Flickr / Creative Commons / Dr Motte / Via Flickr: drmotte

You spent far too long talking to these phallic-looking guys, and trying to get them to communicate with their friends.

19. Tech Decks

20. Bratz

21. Pick-up sticks

22. Diva Starz

23. Harry Potter Levitating Challenge

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