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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    2016 Presidential Candidates As Kawaii Kweens

    I've always wondered what some of our presidential candidates would look like if they were #pastelgoth #kawaii #softgrunge Tumblr queens. I think our candidates are looking cute af now that I fixed their head shots.

    Kawaii Hillary

    Brooke Kelty

    Damn, Hillz. Eyebrow game strong.

    Kawaii Bernie

    Brooke Kelty

    I need to cop Bernie's lipstick. If you find a dupe comment below.

    Kawaii Jeb

    Brooke Kelty

    This is almost as cute as George W. painting doggies.

    Kawaii Cason

    Brooke Kelty

    Cute circle lenses, Kawaii Carson.

    Kawaii Trump

    Brooke Kelty

    xoxo gossip girl

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