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    • brookej7

      In my junior year of college, I had a huge crush on this guy on the rugby team named Rob. One night after a couple of drinks, I decided I had enough liquid courage to confess my love for him. I texted my roommate (who also happened to be the rugby captain) and asked for Rob’s number. I texted Rob telling him I had a thing for him for a while, invited him over for drinks and to see where there night went. I was ecstatic when Rob was all for it. He said he had to finish taking care of his dog and then he be over. I run down stairs to tell my other roommates that’s he’s coming after he’s done with his dog. My one roommate then mentions that Rob doesn’t have a dog. Turns out my rugby captain roommate had given my the phone number for the OTHER Rob on the team. I was mortified. I woke up to 10 texts and 3 missed calls from poor other Rob

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