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25 Kardashian gifs that literally describe your thoughts when your ex (or ex hookup) posts a pic with a new girl

We’ve all been there.

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1. First you’re like wtf is this?!

2. A new girl already? It’s been literally like 2 weeks

3. You’re like “she looks like a tramp”

4. You go into detective mode.

5. As you pull up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you hesitate over the keyboard…his name is typed in the search bar…do I hit enter? The answer is clearly yes.

6. What you’re finding on social media so far makes you cringe

7. You think “GOD. She’s not even pretty and we broke it off only like a week ago…”

8. You have this moment.

9. But then you're like...

10. You check his tweets and are like oh my god literally..

11. The further you read, the stupider they get, and you’re like what did I ever see in him?

12. You feel yourself becoming more creepy the deeper you dig, but you don’t care

13. But hey you gotta know what’s goin on..

14. Everyone’s like “you deserve better" or "just move on,” but you are out to prove a point now. You’re better than this new girl in every way possible.

15. In your mind you already planned “new selfie coming soon to an Instagram near you” just to remind him who is clearly the better choice.

16. But you’re also like so over this new girl. Why should you waste your time entertaining peasants

17. You don’t even know this girl but you low key hate her guts

18. When you show your best friends the new girl and they say she looks like a troll, you’re like THANK YOU!!

19. You’re still creepin, 2 months deep on Instagram, and you’re like “COME ON..”

20. You sit there, once again, trying to convince yourself that you don’t even care

21. Then you’re like..

22. “I’m hot…and he’s stupid”

23. His life will be nothing without your presence in it. His loss.

24. Best friends are all you need

25. AND you remind yourself YOU are the hottest betch you know.

Always remember..2 nickels ain't the same as 1 dime

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