43 Signs You Went To Brock University

When you know, you know.

1. 1. You know exactly where this .gif comes from:


2. 2. You’ve had this reaction when stuck with an 8 am seminar:

3. 3. You know the “three hour lecture without a break” routine:

4. and the “three hour lecture with a break” routine:

5. 4. You know what the line for the Glenridge 116 bus is like:

6. 5. You’ve argued over whether it’s “Chili’s” or “Pepper”…

7. 6. You’ve seen Dave the Bouncer in action:

8. 7. When you heard rumours about the Bullet:

10. When you looked inside the Bullet:

11. 8. Your reaction to the statues around campus:

What is this?

13. 9. You got through course registration… eventually.

14. 10. When friends told you about Dollar Beers:

15. When you saw how small Dollar Beer cups are:

16. 11. Current students when they found out they get a Fall Reading Week:

17. Graduates when they found out they missed the Fall Reading Week:

18. 12. How you thought you looked peeking into Fishbowl:

19. How you actually looked:

20. 13. You made Grape and Wine plans that started like this:

21. and ended like this:

22. 14. No football at Homecoming? No problem.

23. 15. Your reaction when waiting on the bus while a student with a BMW rolled by the Tower:

24. 16. You experienced St. Catharines with no car:

25. and St. Catharines with a car:

26. 17. You still dread having to change your password:

27. 18. You saw a walk-of-shame in a morning seminar:

28. 19. You signed up for the wine course expecting:

30. ended up like this:

31. and finally gave up on the wine course:

32. 20. When you’re told Mackenzie Chown was designed by a prison-design company:

33. 21. You scored a good parking spot in Zone 1 and said:

34. You got stuck in Zone 2 and had to walk to class:

35. 22. Shinerama at other Universities:

36. Shinerama at Brock:

37. 23. You went for chicken wings at CrackerJacks.

38. 24. You secretly wanted Ryan Gosling at your Convocation more than your family.

39. 25. Your reaction when watching Brock’s Harlem Shake video:


40. 26. You’ve attended a party in Village because:

41. You’ve never attended a party in Quarry View because:

42. 27. Free condoms in health services?

43. 28. You’ve survived the base of the tower…

44. 29. You know how Brock girls get on the first day of Spring:

45. 30. You’re consistently amazed that you can see the CN Tower from the Schmon Tower.

46. 31. The first time you heard it called “East Asia”:

47. 32. Your reaction to no bagels at Tim Hortons:

48. 33. You know the difference between girls at Moose & Goose:

49. and women at Cat’s Caboose:

50. 34. You know what it’s like to walk up Glenridge hill:

51. but you know the view is worth it…

Just a sample of the view…

53. 35. WebCT and/or Sakai made you want to do this:

54. 36. When they told you how much they’ll pay you to buy back a textbook:

55. 37. This was you and your brand new roommate getting ready for Tower Party:

56. 38. Seeing the prices at cafeterias made you do this:

57. 39. If you had a nickel for every different way you heard “Surgite” pronounced:

58. 40. You did this when walking past tables for BUSU elections:

59. 41. Stuck in a seminar room looking out into Pond Inlet on a sunny day:

60. 42. When someone gets on the bus at Tower, and gets off at the daycare:

It’s this far!

62. 43. This joke makes you mad every time…

63. so you say:

64. but it’s okay because:

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