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The 15 Most Painful TV Cancellations And Endings Of 2013

Gone, but not forgotten. R.I.P.

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15. Smash


Now before you scoff, hear me out. Smash was one of the best shows to hate-watch, an activity that everyone loves to do, and we lost that with the cancellation of NBC's "drama" about the behind the scenes world of Broadway. However, the "so-good-it's-bad" show ended up on the chopping block as a victim of low ratings and a mismanaged creative team. But thankfully the show was on long enough for the world to fall in love with the darling that is Megan Hilty.

14. Body of Proof


The Dana Delaney drama underwent some retooling for the third season, and while Delaney consistently sold the hell out of Megan Hunt, the series still received mixed reviews. ABC pulled the plug on the medical drama, but rumors picked up that it would receive a second life (which Delaney refuted).

13. Dexter


This show would probably be up higher on the list had it's finale not sucked so bad. Dexter consistently fluctuated between good and bad, and it's a shame that it had to end in such a terrible way.

12. Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23


The axing of this show meant the loss of Krysten Ritter's truely great Chloe, but other than that, the show's departure was not a great loss. What was so painful was that ABC completely cut it off the air with episodes still left to air, then made fans wait until May to throw them all on the internet for a limited time. Ugh.


10. Futurama

Comedy Central

Futurama bid adieu for the fourth and final(?) time, though it isn't really all that bad because it was a satisfactory finale. That, and Matt Groening is trying to get it picked up again.

9. The Big C


The Big C said goodbye to its TV audience with the death of Emmy Winner Laura Linney's cancer-stricken Cathy Jamison in the Season 4 mini-series Hereafter. The Showtime series was a critically adored piece, especially in its final two seasons, and fans of the show know just how hard it was to let go.

8. Go On


The Friends curse strikes again! And this time on the Matthew Perry-Laura Benanti comedy. Even with a diversely talented ensemble, the show fell victim too fell victim to the ratings war and went on to the television graveyard.


7. Private Practice


The Grey's Anatomy spin-off flat-lined in January after six seasons. The Kate Walsh-led medical drama left fans wanting more from Shonda Rhimes, even after Addison and Jake's marriage in the finale.

6. The Office


The Dunder Mifflin crew said farewell after nine seasons on the job. The finale was everything a true fan could've hoped for, including the return of the one and only Michael Scott. But let's be real, the show started going downhill after Steve Carell's departure in Season 7, and the show really should've ended with that. Nothing in the last two seasons is even remotely worth mentioning, so let's just forget about them, shall we?

5. The New Normal


NBC axed the heartwarming Ryan Murphy comedy about a gay couple trying to adopt a baby in the present day after one season. The show served as a major milestone in the portrayal of gays on TV and also showed NeNe Leakes is actually a really good actress. Who'd have known?

4. 30 Rock


The always fun delight that was 30 Rock came to a beyond-satisfactory close in early 2013. The show literally gave zero fucks in the finale ("I've never actually met Mickey Rourke"), and gave a conclusion to the show that every fan loved. What more could you want? There was a green-screened in Conan (in his first NBC appearance since The Tonight Show), a preview of the musical version of "The Rural Juror," a St. Elsewhere homage, and literally everything in between. Bravo, Tina Fey and crew.


3. Bunheads

ABC Family

The Amy Sherman-Palladino series about young dancers came to an unjust and unfair end when ABC Family forced it to dance off our screens after a long and drawn out waiting period for renewal. The Sutton Foster-led dramedy was equally heartwarming as it was funny, two of the many pieces of the show that made it such a critically acclaimed show. However, despite pleas from many writers and fans, it fell victim to the ratings war and the light was dimmed on one of the smartest shows on TV.

2. Breaking Bad


The show's finale was hard on all of us, but it came to an action-packed ending that closed the epic story of Walter White. While the final season threw twists, turns, and surprises around every corner, the finale still couldn't numb the pain of watching an expert show lie down to rest.

1. Happy Endings


Happy Endings came to a sad and untimely ending when ABC decided to wipe this show from its kickball roster. Ultimately, ABC screwed one of the smartest and funniest comedies on TV in a long time, and while never a ratings smash, delivered some of the best material on TV that made it so critically appreciated. And knowing that a deal to move to USA was sooooo close to being made before it fell through makes the cancellation even harder on us all.

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