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21 Times Target Failed Its Devoted Customers

It's true, we love this place. But even the Holy Grail of retail stores isn't perfect. It's hard to be flawless, OK?

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1. Target, you first failed us when you started sending us cryptic, and might I add, unkind, messages.

I thought we were friends?

2. You then fooled us into thinking we must purchase unnecessary items.

Wait, what did I come here to buy again?

3. Target, you then really rendered a reputation of carelessness and insensitivity with your cliché-ridden product labels.

"Thank You Asian" - very original.

4. And then you had to go ahead and cast shame and embarrassment on an innocent mannequin.

What did he do to deserve this??

5. You continued to fail us when you decided that proper grammar was not a necessity.

"Bananas, 24 cents by the each."

That makes perfect sense.

6. To sever our relationship further, you insulted and judged our purchasing decisions.

So what if it's an impulse buy...?

7. You tricked us into thinking we were paying less.

I'm so glad I get to pay MORE for my clearance item.

8. When really that red sticker was just a sick trick to prompt us to buy more for the same price.

Sweet! It once was $4.19, and now I get to purchase it for the low price of $4.19!

9. The ultimate fail was when you placed these giant red balls in front of your store.

What even are these things?

10. And started selling questionable literature.

11. When you started selling acid washed joggers you reached an ultimate low.

12. And when we thought things couldn't get any worse, we saw this new shirt displayed on Aisle 7.

"Carol Brady called. She wants her shirt back."

13. Followed by these cow print onesies on Aisle 8.


There's a reason you have so many leftover.

14. The ultimate letdown was when we traveled to the Dollar Section, only to discover it was completely wiped out.

15. And when we discovered that each night when we (your devoted customers) leave, you raise your prices.

Shame on you, Target.

16. Perhaps one of the biggest fails is when you mislabeled your cookies.

There is a vast difference between Oreos and Chips Ahoy Cookies. Don't mess with us when it comes to our sweets.

17. But Target, why must you continue to mislabel? Deceptive on so many levels.

"In my best Parks and Rec voice..."You had ONE job, Jerry!!""

18. Target, we blame you for making us think that Doritos are part of a balanced diet.

In fact, we can trace the beginning of our chubby tween years back to your mislabeling.

19. But you really flopped when even your online store started to do us wrong.

"Ordered a tablet on Black Friday... Got a Frozen blanket instead."

20. It really makes us customers sad when even a simple Animal Cookie can not be clearly identified.

21. The last straw was when you couldn't correctly use "its"...


Until next time we need a therapeutic and unnecessary shopping spree, that is.

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