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22 Thoughts You Have During An Excruciating Sunburn

Go outside, they said. It will be fun, they said.

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1. "I knew I shouldn't have favored my upper thighs when applying sunscreen..."

2. "The shower is my enemy."

3. "Straps. Straps will be the death of me."

4. "Anyyything for fashionnnnn."

5. "I'm smiling because I know I look stupid."

At least he embraces his goofy lines.

6. "Moving will not be on my agenda today."

Slather on that aloe vera. No need to move.

7. "Some people say I look like an Oompa Loompa."

9. "Darn those fishnets, always getting me into trouble."

Just, why?

10. "Duck lips, a sexy tan, and a mirror selfie. Feelin' good."

This guy.

11. "I'm reevaluating my decision to become a lifeguard."

We feel your tan-line woes.

12. "Peeling is the ultimate form of punishment. I'll go cry now."

Yes, yes it is.

13. "I thought I missed a couple spots while applying sunscreen..."

No shit, Sherlock.

14. "But, like, do you think I can pull off this lobster-red look?"


15. "All I wanted was to be like Borat."

Mission sort of accomplished?

16. "Note to self: never wear strappy sandals in summer weather again."


17. "Whatever, mom, I still think my belly button ring is sexy."

Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.

18. "Ouch."

We just want to know....HOW?

19. "I've invented a new shade of red."


20. "I've crafted a scientific equation for how sunburns develop!"


21. "I've made a mistake."

We must agree.

22. "Worth It."

Was it, though?

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