20 Guys’ Reactions To 20 Cringe-Worthy Pick Up Lines

Who says pick up lines can only be used by guys? I jumped on the Tinder bandwagon to investigate how the men of Tinder would respond to 20 atrocious pick up lines, old and new.

1. I started off with a simple line — didn’t want to scare off the first guy I encountered.

Let’s just say he wasn’t impressed.

2. I amped up the flattery for my next one.

He one-upped my pick up line with an equally horrific one. I was not impressed.

3. I couldn’t resist using this next line, simply because I’ve heard it too many times to count.

He shot back with an equally sickening line. Nicely done, Mr. Tinder Man.

4. This guy talked to me before I even had the chance to craft the perfect line…this was the result.


5. I had to use this perfect elementary line. Great for rookie pick up line artists.

His reaction was everything I could have asked for.

6. No explanation needed.

I’m so glad you are flattered that I compared you to a wedgie, Mr. Tinder Man!

7. Then I tried to be very complimentary with this line.


8. I soon realized that I needed to step up my game if I wanted guys to be receptive to my unsubtle flirting technique.


9. The McDonald’s line seemed to be a hit, so I went for round two.

Nice try, buddy. I will tell you nothing.

10. I figured I should try to appeal to their interests if I could. I could tell by this guy’s profile that he was a sporty dude. Here goes nothing…

It is a good line, huh!

11. Next, I tried using a good old pun.

I know, Mr. Tinder Man. I am cheesy.

12. Took a plunge and got a little more emotional with this guy.


13. I returned to my previous technique of simply flattering the guy.

Compliments are the key to success.

14. Then I tried the oldest trick in the book.

I’m a little creeped out by your response, Mr. Tinder Man.

15. I tried a line so stupid that I was sure I would get no response.

You are mistaken. This is NOT a good one.

16. At this point I started running out of lines.

I’m sorry. I really did use that pick up line.

17. I scanned the internet desperately looking for a line that would help me redeem myself.

My dignity was reclaimed.

18. And then it happened…I used the line that actually makes me want to vomit. And the response I got?


19. Tinder flirting is exhausting. I whipped out one of my best lines, knowing that this experiment was coming to an end.

^ Mr. Tinder Man, your response is weird and mildly entertaining.

20. For my last line, I kept it classic.

He gave an appropriate response.

It’s safe to say from this little experiment that pick up lines have a pretty good success rate — even when used on guys.

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