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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Mar 1, 2016

    17 Truths For Anyone Who Thinks Moving Is The Absolute Worst

    Moving is definitely not for the weak.

    1. If life itself had a snooze button, moving day would be THE day to use it over and over and over again.

    saltgirl8 / Via

    Basically you would do anything and everything to avoid this dreadful day.

    2. Your tombstone will most likely read, "Death By Packing."

    Brittney Gibson for BuzzFeed / Jo Naylor / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pandora_6666

    To you, nothing is more tiresome or excruciating then packing up your life and hauling it to a new location.

    3. Because, ultimately, packing is the one way in which you realize you have an absurd amount of things you never needed, wanted, or use.

    TLC / Via

    And now you have to sort through ALL of it.

    4. Sorting and labeling everything by room is a necessary evil and your absolute worst nightmare...

    tesin / Via

    But you are fairly certain you will misplace essential items, i.e. your cat, if you don't

    5. ...and it's also something you quickly give up on.

    mattbastien82 / Via

    Who has time for that?

    6. If you have a roommate, the worst part of moving is that you exert 99.9% of your energy arguing over what is yours and what is theirs.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    "I totally bought the plasma screen TV."

    7. When you're finally done packing (and running on zero energy), the most wonderful feeling is realizing that your place still needs to be cleaned.

    annacecchismith / Via

    Otherwise say buh-bye to your deposit.

    8. Just the sight of one of these sends chills up and down your spine...and not the good chills, the bad chills, the kind you feel right before you know you're going to be dreadfully ill.

    lolo_oneill / Via

    *Sees a U-HAUL* Immediately runs far, far away.

    9. The thought of even having to ask a friend to help you move makes you want to cry, because you already know what their answer is.

    adorable_nurse / Via

    Rarely anyone will volunteer to help, unless pizza is offered as a form of payment, that is.

    10. If you end up just hiring a moving crew, you SWEAR they do everything in their power to ruin all of your belongings and then charge you for it. / Via

    "Here's $400 for ruining my perfectly good couch, sir."

    11. You know that if you want your furniture to be handled with care, you're going to have to do it all by yourself. / Via

    You might kill yourself doing it alone, but how else are you going to get it to it's new location unharmed?

    12. Once you're in your new space, you can't for the life of you find ANYTHING you want or need, which is super fun.

    NBC / Via


    13. You loathe nothing more than spending your first week in your new place doing everything on the floor.

    picnic116 / Via

    Including but not limited to: Eating, sleeping, and crying over the fact that you just had to move.

    14. You love that after two seconds of being in your new place, someone will ask you when you're having your housewarming party.

    Via FOX

    And all you want to say to them is, "CAN YOU JUST CHILL?!?"

    15. By the time you get around to assembling your bed, you feel like you just can't do anymore.

    Bravo / Via

    Things will just have to sit in boxes for at least two months. Oops.

    16. When it's all over, you are without a doubt more sore, tired, cranky, and DONE then you've ever been.

    melissa1555 / Via

    Because moving is one of the most exhausting tasks.

    17. And you swear that if you never see another cardboard box again, you will be perfectly OK with that.

    heyitsjina / Via

    🙏 Just pray you never have to move again. 🙏

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