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    Posted on Nov 4, 2015

    15 Times Myspace Tom Killed It On Twitter

    Turns out, our very first friend is on top of his Twitter game.

    1. When he brought attention to this very real statement.

    Have you ever noticed? People going slower than you are "idiots" and people going faster are "maniacs"? #laxtraffic #behappy

    LA traffic = the literal worst.

    2. When he posted THE most epic and sassy response.

    Peytron / Via


    3. And again when he posted the second most epic response.

    cooltoast / Via

    Mad props.

    4. When he wondered why Uber and Tinder don't join forces.

    .@Uber Pool should mix with @Tinder for speed dating while you share a ride


    5. When he pointed out how whack the media can be.

    Yahoo's top news is that someone named "Rob Kardashian" is "not comfortable in his own skin" - Oh & 4000 died in Nepal


    6. When he sent out this accidental butt tweet.

    It happens.

    7. When he participated in the biggest debate the internet has ever known.

    Whiteandgold on Instagram / BlueandBlack on FB / snapchat, I forgot

    So. Much. Controversy.

    8. When he posted his casual first tweet.

    "Working on myspace," NBD.

    9. When he called someone out without ACTUALLY calling them out.

    Describing yourself as classy and elegant is definite proof you are neither

    We see what you did there.

    10. When he announced that he cried during the finale of How I Met Your Mother.

    During ankle recovery, watched all 200 episodes of How I Met Your Mother -- cried last night on finale hehe :-)

    C'mon, how could someone not weep?

    11. When he tweeted this picture to prove he has a great sense of humor.

    Totally, "Livin large!"

    12. When he shared this all too real scenario.

    Reading a physical, print book and I just tried to swipe the page like it was my iPad.. -!-

    Technology problems...

    13. When he called people out for overusing the hashtag.

    Putting a # in front of a phrase does not make it funny; it's just sloppy grammar #imguiltythough

    But then used it himself.

    14. When he asked this depressing yet valid question.

    Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"? #dangthatscruel

    We've all been wondering the same thing.

    15. And when he told this punny joke.

    Q: What did the DNA say to the other DNA? A: Do these genes make my butt look fat.

    Nailed it.

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