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28 Limited Too Items That Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic

"This year I'd like a cami with a built-in bra, please."

1. This VERY sophisticated perfume.

2. One of these extravagant diaries.

3. A Velcro shirt that you could personalize to your liking.

4. Monkey toe socks.

5. One of these modesty-savers.

6. A pair of matching BFF shirts.

7. Anything in the makeup section that had glitter.

8. And then this Caboodle, to keep all of your makeup safe.

9. This magnificently sparkly piece of heaven.

10. One of these special Limited Too books.

11. An embellished cami WITH a built-in bra.

12. One of these shrinky little popcorn shirts.

13. One of these bad boys.

14. Elegant accessories complete with sparkles and sequins.

For your big night out with friends.

15. This wonderfully glittery purple landline phone.

16. At LEAST one of these inflatable couches.

17. A pair of out-of-this-world silky pajamas.

18. Every single one of these Spice Girls Chupa Chups.

19. A hanging door pillow, so family members would know when you couldn't be bothered.

20. Or even better, a bedroom door bell.

21. Velcro shiny shorts preferably in a neon or pastel color.

So much cooler than buttons.

22. Any of their plaid or floral skorts. They HAD to be skorts.

Because you needed the coverage during recess.

23. Any top that featured a fake sports team, promoted girl power, or made you look cool and athletic.

24. A sleeping mask so you could really maximize your beauty sleep.

25. A swimsuit cover-up to match the tankini you already owned.

26. This nifty little locker for whatever doodads you could fill it with.

So many possibilities.

27. A Neopets plush to add to your growing collection.

28. And, last of all, this EXACT outfit which includes cargos that could magically transform into capris or shorts.