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26 Things That Won't Actually Make Sense Unless You're In Your Twenties

"I literally have no idea what I'm doing with my life," said every 20-year-old ever.

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1. This visual representation of what you do each time a paycheck rolls in.

2. This sad but true wake-up call.

Obsev / Via

3. And this perfect example of what every relative and friend says when they see your apartment for the first time.

"You live here? This certainly can't be all of it."
Netflix / Via

"You live here? This certainly can't be all of it."

4. When you discover that you like animals more than humans.

5. When you realize you're not handling "adult" responsibilities as well as you should be.

6. When you recognize that student loans just won't let you win.

7. This too-true work struggle.

NBC / Via

8. This photo depicting what life feels like every damn day now.

9. When half of your friends are practically running to the altar and popping out babies....

Fox 2000 pictures / Via

10. ...and the other half are as single as single can be and drinking their weight in alcohol.

menotgivingafuck / Via

11. And then there's this picture of you.

forever20tweets / Via

12. When you wish your future had a road map.

mytherapistsays / Via

13. When you do something very adultlike for once.

14. When you're aware Google may no longer be a sufficient therapist.

15. When you have to sign a lease or start a job you're not 100% sure about.

16. This truth about time.

mytherapistsays / Via

17. When even your parents start questioning what the hell you're doing with your life.

18. And this very real wish.

19. This view on a ~healthy~ lifestyle.

20. This reminder that you're technically considered an adult.

college_unplugged / Via

21. When you hear the word "free."

22. This truthful revelation about your future plans.

23. When you get really good at having weekly meltdowns.

24. When you're job hunting.

25. This ~weird~ truth about finally getting a job.

26. And, finally, this tweet:

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