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13 Things That Make Fast Food Workers Hate Their Life, And 1 That Doesn't

You think your job sucks, try doing it in 35 seconds or less.

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11. When a customer complains about an ad campaign or signage.

Yes, because I personally handle all of the advertising, marketing, graphic design, and photography for a multi-billion dollar company, which is why I'm staring back at you from behind this register.

9. When a customer asks if a menu item you hate is any good, and you have to say yes.

Ask for suggestions if you will, but not my opinion on a specific item. I'm required to respond enthusiastically even if I wouldn't actually touch the food with a ten foot pole.

7. When a customer orders an item with everything special

Easy mayo, no tomatoes, extra pickles, only one leaf of lettuce, bacon crispy but not like super crispy, and could you throw on another bun on the outside of that bun?

2. When retail workers complain about their jobs

"It's so boring!" "I had to deal with like four customers today!" "I only get two breaks in a six hour shift!" "My manager is like always on my back!" "I had to clean because no one else would!" "It's so rushed today, I was on my feet the whole shift!" (I'm sorry, we have no sympathy.)

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