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A Track-By-Track Beyoncé Cover Playlist

Sometimes, usually when I should be working or sleeping, I dive deep into the world of youtube pop covers. On a recent deep dive, I decided to see who amongst the brave youtuber’s had dared to cover the reigning Queen of Music, Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. I present for you a track-by-track covers list of Beyonce’s self-titled 2013 suprise album. Enjoy!

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1. Chloe & Halle-“Pretty Hurts”

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11 & 13 year old Chloe & Halle kick off our list with the opening track, “Pretty Hurts”.

There are some great honorable mention covers of this song but this is mine and 2.5 million other YouTube users favorite.

2. Haben Abraham-“Haunted”

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“Haunted” is one of my favorite tracks on the album so I wasn’t sure I would find a cover worthy of my love. Wrong! Haben’s soulful version beats out a piano cover and a beautiful male version.

3. Vanna Moua-“Drunk In Love”

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Vanna tops all of the HUNDREDS of covers of this song floating around YouTube.

4. Durand Bernarr-“Blow”

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I listened to a bunch of covers of this track and didn’t find anything that spoke to me. Then there was this.

Durand’s creative freedom with the lyrics, dance moves, family participation and commitment to the fun spirit of the original video catapults him to the front of the “Blow” covers.

5. MUNA-“No Angel”

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One of the great things about this album is that for the most part you can play it all the way through. However “No Angel” is one of the rare instances where I’ll skip to the next track.

Because of this I wasn’t to invested in finding the perfect cover and then MUNA came and shut me up.

There is a high degree of difficulty to this track but MUNA does what you should do with a cover, make it their own.

6. Christina Amato-“Partition”

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“Partition” is a tough one. It has some of the most sexually explicit lyrics not just on the album but in Bey’s career and I sensed from the YouTubers that tried to cover it, a little bit of apprehension.

In a song with the lyric “he Monica Lewinskied all on my gown” you kind have to own it. Kudos, Christina.

7. DRoMusic-“Jealous”

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“Jealous” didn’t jump out at me when the album first came out but it has slow-burned it’s way up to being one of my favorites. There were a couple of pretty covers up but this piano one did it for me.

Mr. Dro’s Bey covers double as piano tutorials for all of the tracks on the album. You are doing God’s work, sir.

8. Olivia Escuyos-“Rocket”

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Because I want to walk down the aisle to the lyrics “let me sit this ass on ya” this will be sung at my wedding.

Maybe Olivia, who is pitch perfect on an extremely difficult song to sing can do the ceremony honors?

9. Durand Bernarr-“Mine”

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Half way through watching this I was all “hmm this looks like the dude from the amazing ‘Blow’ video” and it is!

Durand, your yellow shirt, dance moves and amazing vocals earns you a second appearance!

10. Nikki Yanofsky-“XO”

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When I saw Queen Bey this summer I really, REALLY wanted to hear her do “XO” but sadly it was not on the setlist. So imagine my joy when she closed out her VMA medley with the feel good tune.

Simply put, this song just makes me happy and so does Nikki’s smooth jazz version. I love it like XO.

11. Jasmine Tavvis-“Flawless”

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A lot of the You Tubers that attempted this song didn’t do the whole thing which is understandable. There are two different parts to the song separated by a snippet of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED talk.

Jasmine was brave enough to attempt both parts and her fantastic raspy vocals push her to the top of the pack.

12. Alessandro Mahmoud/Yendry Fiorentino-“Superpower”

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This is another tough one because it’s not just Beyonce you are covering but the brilliant Frank Ocean as well.

Alessandro & Yendy’s gorgeous harmonies slightly edge this male acapella group.

13. Sabrina Claudio-“Heaven”

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This song is kind of a bummer so I usually skip it and I wanted to skip it here but a track-by-track list was promised!

Sabrina captures the somber emotions from the original beautifully.

14. Anthony Snape-“Blue”

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Anthony Snape beats out this version because quite frankly I’m impressed how passionately he sings about Bey and Jay’s baby girl. She’s great, I agree!

Also points for the original acoustic guitar composition.

Are there any covers that I missed? What are your faves?

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