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    20 Sex Toys From Indigo That'll Knock Your Socks Off

    All aboard the pleasure train.

    1. This winged vibrator that'll nestle into your nooks and crannies with its flexible prongs for a lil' no-hands action. It has three motor speeds that'll send you to heaven and back, at whatever pace you choose.

    A person holding the winged vibrator up against their hip

    2. This fiery contraption is literally shaped like a flame for some seriously hot 'n' heavy playtime. Its head's edges are flexible, but has a firm centre so you can experiment with multiple modes of pressure.

    A person holding the flame-shaped vibrator

    3. This suction toy uses air-pulsing technology to gently suck for up to two hours on a single charge. It comes with two heads in different sizes, so you can decide what fit suits you best.

    A person holding the suction toy in one hand and the cover in the other

    4. This double-pronged LELO toy that'll ruffle your truffles on the inside and out — simultaneously. This baby pulses, vibrates, and waves up and down with ten (!!!) settings of pure pleasure to play with.

    A double-pronged bunny vibrator dildo

    5. A flexible vibrator that'll fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. It might be small, but it has a powerful motor that'll let you experiment with five intensity levels and five pulsing patterns.

    A person holding the palm-sized vibrator

    6. This conical massager that'll ease you into your sweet spot, especially if you're a beginner. With three speeds, it's easy to use (and even easier to get the hang of).

    A person holding a rounded, conical vibrator

    7. An ultra-smooth vibrating ring that'll stretch comfortably to fit over your (or your partner's) joystick for some hands-free fun. It's 100% waterproof, which will make cleaning it afterward it a cinch.

    The vibrating ring on a towel

    8. A mini Dame vibrator you can slide over your fingers for ultimate control of its placement. It has slots on either side of its base, so it can sit securely between your digits while you ~explore~.

    9. This prism-shaped vibrator that'll give you targeted stimulation with its soft, flexible peak, as well as all-over pleasure with its rounded edges and smooth base.

    A person holding the vibrator in their hand seemingly ready to pass it to another person

    10. A tulip-shaped wand that has an ultra-soft head that'll feel like a vibrating tongue (!!!). Its delicate touch can have a wild affect on particularly sensitive areas, especially when it's paired with lube.

    A person holding the tulip-shaped vibrator while water sprinkles around it

    11. This curvy vibrator that'll give you three shapes to play around with. Its equipped with two powerful motors that'll rock and roll simultaneously, as well as an app you can use to customize your own rhythms.

    A person holding the curvy vibrator

    12. A vibrating kegel set that'll seriously alter your perception of the "work-play" balance. It comes with a free app that'll even let you customize your own vibration patterns. Exercise has never felt this good.

    A kegel exercise set

    13. This compact device is tiny, but mighty, with raised fins on its head for some wet n' wild sensations sent from Planet Pleasure. It's silky smooth, silent, and waterproof, too.

    A person holding the finned vibrator

    14. A versatile dual vibrator that'll bend and rumble for you internally, externally, and at the same time (if you want). It comes with a clever remote that'll increase its intensity whenever you give it a squeeze.

    The dual vibrator on a blanket next to its remote

    15. This rounded massager is smooth, soft, and perfect for anyone who hasn't experimented with a toy yet. Its shape may be simple, but this baby is versatile — with the ability to let you explore all kinds of pleasure zones.

    A person holding the rounded oval-shaped wand

    16. This ridged wand has a slightly curved head that'll take you to all the right places. It has four speeds and three pulsation patterns that'll take you downtown and back again.

    A person holding the rigged, curved wand

    17. A We-Vibe vibrating ring with a unique shape that features a smooth, silicone tip that’ll rumble along, too. It's basically a 2-in-1 device that'll let you explore different parts of your body — and give a little extra sum'n' sum'n' to your partner, if you choose to use it with company.

    two people holding the ring vibrator against a person's stomach

    18. This bright 'n' shiny vibrating bunny that'll do a whole lot more than look fancy. This multitasking toy is designed to hit two spots at once, for the climax of your literal dreams.

    The vibrating bunny on a leather car seat

    19. A curved wand that'll let you explore different angles and new intensities. It has a cushioned head that'll gently rouse up your excitement while you figure out what vibration patterns really bake your cake.

    A person holding the curved wand

    20. And finally, a fun-shaped wand that'll impose some serious intrigue with its bulbous head. It's completely waterproof, so you can even take it for a spin while you relax in the tub.

    A bulbous-tipped wand on a nightstand

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