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    25 Things That You Should Absolutely Already Have In Your Bathroom

    I'll excuse you while you smash that add to cart button.

    1. An adorable toothbrush holder that'll keep you and your housemates' brushes separated in the cutest way possible. If you've already got that covered, you could use it for your go-to makeup brushes and tweezers.

    a flower shaped toothbrush holder with four slots

    2. A pair of bestselling glass jars that'll help you keep your itty-bitty stuff from getting lost in the fray. They'll look a lot cuter lining your counter than clunky product packaging and will make your space look more ✨organized✨.

    two glass jars with bamboo lids holding cotton balls and swabs

    3. A rainbow bath pillow you can rest your head on during your next relaxing soak. It's inflatable, so you can roll it up and hide it away in a drawer when you aren't using it.

    a rainbow inflatable bath pillow

    4. A multicolour toilet night light that'll save you from walking into your doorway when you get up for a midnight pee. It's motion-activated, so you won't have to worry about finding a switch in the dark.

    5. A self-draining soap dish that'll prevent your bars from getting gross and slimy.

    a soap dish with drainage slots

    6. A set of scented candles you'll appreciate the next time you take a bath. Because they come with little lids, they won't collect dust when you aren't using them.

    cute candles on a sheet

    7. Or a trio of flameless candles if you'd rather not worry about having actual fire in your bathroom. Reviewers say their flicker is super realistic and love that they come with a remote.

    three flameless candles on a wood surface

    8. A sink caddy that'll give your soaps and sponges a neat 'n' tidy place to live. It comes with a sliding tray that'll save your countertop from sudsy drips.

    a sink caddy with various toiletries in it

    9. A rattan wall shelf for added storage space that also serves as wall art. It has a bar along the bottom you can use to hang a towel off of, too.

    a rattan floral wall shelf with candles and a plant on it with a towel hanging from the bottom rack

    10. Or a pair of floating shelves if you have little to no room left in your cupboards. Reviewers say they're sturdy enough for heavy bottles of soaps and love that one of the shelves comes with a built-in towel rack.

    two stylish floating shelves on a wall in a bathroom

    11. A super cute makeup brush holder that'll keep your beauty supplies in order. Its base doubles as tray you can keep trinkets and jewellery on, too.

    a daisy-shaped makeup brush holder on a bathroom counter

    12. A shroom-shaped trash bin that'll turn your garbage into home decor. It has a lid, which if you ask me, is a must for bathrooms (I'm absolutely not trying to display my used sanitary products, lol).

    a mushroom-shaped trash bin on a desk

    13. A handy caddy you can suction to your tiles or stand upright on your shower floor. Each tier is grated, so your soaps and loofahs can actually dry off in between scrub downs.

    a four-tier grated shower caddy with soaps and a hair brush on it

    14. An over-the-toilet shelving unit that'll give you some more surface area for all your bathtime essentials. Reviewers say it's super sturdy, easy to assemble, and that it looks fab, too.

    An over-the-toilet shelving unit over a toilet in a bathroom

    15. A skincare fridge that'll keep your serums fresh until the very last drop. You can also stash your rollers and gua sha stones in there and enjoy a cooling treatment when your face feels puffy.

    a cute skincare fridge on a counter

    16. A stepped bin so you can organize your surplus of beauty samples and makeup applicators once and for all. It comes with two adjustable dividers, meaning you can play around with the size of each compartment.

    a divided container with toiletries in it

    17. Or a divided cosmetics container that'll help you display your stuff neatly, instead of having it all scattered on your counter. It's completely transparent, so you'll know when it's time to restock your cotton balls.

    a divided container with toiletries in each compartment

    18. A stylish shower curtain that'll give your bathroom a total refresh. The vibrant colours and warm hues are sure to transform and brighten up your bathroom.

    a warm-coloured shower curtain in a stylish bathroom

    19. A set of storage crates you can stash toiletries and other miscellaneous bits and bobs in. They fold down, which means they can be tucked away when you're not using 'em.

    crates stacked on a shelf

    20. A pack of waterproof peel-and-stick tiles that'll give your bathroom floor an instant upgrade. They’re great for renters who want to improve their space without having to shell out out big bucks to fully retile.

    peel and stick tiles on a bathroom floor under a cabinet

    21. An LED vanity mirror that'll help you see what you're doing when you're getting ready. It has a lil' tray on the bottom you can keep your go-to glosses and liners on, too.

    a heart-shaped led light mirror with a tray for baubles

    22. A 2-in-1 hair catching plug so you won't have to deal with a clogged drain, like, ever again. Reviewers say it's super easy to clean and excellent for anyone who sheds more than a few strands on hair washing days.

    a person putting the hair catching plug into a drain

    23. Or a pair of drain strainers you can pop right into your sink or tub to prevent things from clogging up. They'll also save you from losing earrings and other tiny baubles down your drains!

    two strainer drains on a white background

    24. A slim utility cart that you can slide into awkward nooks and crannies. If you don't have any cabinets in your bathroom, this thing will do wonders for storing toilet paper and extra toiletries.

    a slim utility cart in a bathroom

    25. And finally, a bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray so you can prevent unpleasant odours from lingering. It'll save any guests you have over from ever feeling embarrassed after using your bathroom, too.

    a bottle of poo-pourri toilet spray next to lemons and leaves

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