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    18 Home Workout Products You'll Appreciate If You Hate Going To The Gym

    Because I'd rather be a sweat monster in private, thanks.

    1. A copy of Ring Fit Adventure for your Nintendo Switch in case the idea of a regular workout makes you wanna cry. You'll be too busy exploring worlds and fighting enemies to even realize you've worked up a sweat, so, you're welcome.

    a person playing the ring fit adventure game

    2. A set of resistance bands that'll tone your glutes, help with flexibility, and add a little extra ✨spice✨ to your next workout. They're super easy to store at home, which is truly a blessing if you live in a tiny apartment and don't have space for a bunch of equipment.

    3. A compact treadmill you can slide under your desk, so you can get your steps in while you work from home. It comes with a remote that'll allow you to stop and adjust its speed.

    a person using the treadmill while working at a desk

    4. Or a balance board that'll challenge you to stabilize your core, if you're not ready to invest in a desk treadmill just yet.

    a person standing on the balance board

    5. A pair of dual-sided core sliders that'll make planks and mountain climbers even ~spicier~. You can use these things to enhance a ton of exercises — and finally say goodbye to that ratty old towel you've been using for lateral lunges.

    alice holding the core sliders in her hand

    6. A clamp that'll transform your dumbbells into kettlebells, if you don't feel like purchasing extra weights. Reviewers love that it turns the gear they already own into multipurpose training equipment (and that it saves them some cash, too).

    a person using the clamp to lift a dumbell

    7. A pair of wearable weights you can strap to your wrists or ankles, depending on what muscle groups you want to work on. Each one is a pound, which is perfect for anyone who's into high-rep workouts like barre or pilates.

    a person wearing the weights on their wrists

    8. A storage rack that'll keep all of your weights, foam rollers, and yoga mats organized. Reviewers say it's a total cinch to assemble and that it holds a surprising amount of stuff.

    the rack with exercise equipment on it

    9. A roller wheel that'll give you somewhere to properly stretch out your spine. Reviewers say it's a godsend for anyone who likes cracking their back.

    a person extending their back over the wheel

    10. An exercise ball you can use to amp up your core workouts or as an alternative to your stiff office chair. It comes with resistance bands you can attach to the ball, and mini illustrations of postures to try out, too.

    a person sitting on the exercise ball while holding a resistance band

    11. A set of dumbbells that'll amp up any workout, despite being lightweight. Reviewers say they're great for workouts with high reps, or for anyone who's just beginning their weight-lifting journey.

    A person using the eight pound weights in a pushup position, next to the triangular rack where the other two pairs are stored

    12. A pair of yoga blocks that'll help get you a little closer to touching your toes. They also come with a strap you can use to increase flexibility and deepen your stretch.

    13. A deck of yoga exercise cards with a whole range of poses to practice and learn. Each card has an illustration, description, and a code you can scan to access an online video tutorial of each posture.

    A person reading the cards, with a few laid out on the floor

    14. A pair of gymnastic rings that'll take your calisthenics training to new heights (literally). They can be adjusted in four-inch increments, so you'll never have to worry about them hanging off-kilter.

    A person holding onto the fitness rings

    15. A smart skipping rope that'll add some ~pizzazz~ to your cardio workout. Reviewers love that its length is adjustable and that it can keep track of time, calories burned, and number of jumps.

    The smart jump rope on a white background

    16. A super sturdy ab roller that'll help whup your core into shape. Reviewers say the handles are non-slip and love the extra support of having two wheels.

    A person using the ab roller by holding on to the bar that runs through the middle of the wheel

    17. A non-slip exercise mat that'll give you somewhere besides your rug to do your morning flow. Reviewers say it's on the thick and comfy, and love that it has illustrations of different postures on it.

    a non-slip mat with posture illustrations on it

    18. And finally, a chin-up bar that'll fit in your doorway, so you can get your pump on without leaving your bedroom. It'll sit securely on your door frame without being screwed in, so you can pop it on and off as you please.

    Literal footage of me after working out once in five years:

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