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    These 17 Plus Size Activewear Pieces Are So Comfy You'll Never Want To Take Them Off

    Whether they're for working out or hanging out, you'll want to add these to your cart ASAP.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lightweight tank top that'll keep you comfy for every activity whether you're jogging or perfecting your yoga poses. It won't absorb your sweat, and has built in UPF protection so it'll help block out the sun when you're outside.

    A person in a seated position against a bed smiling while wearing the tank top and a pair of sweatpants

    2. An Under Armour sports bra to keep your chest contained without the straps digging into your shoulders. The moulded foam cups will retain their shape and stay supportive through high-impact activities like aerobics and running.

    A person wearing the sports bra while carrying a medicine ball during a workout

    3. A long-sleeve quarter zip that'll keep you just the right amount of toasty while you train outside. It's lightweight so you won't swelter beneath layers of fleece while working out.

    a person in a gray and black striped half-zip jacket

    4. A pair of french terry capris you can count on to bring Y2K nostalgia while keeping you comfortable and cool. They're super breathable and have large pockets you can stash all of your go-to items in them.

    A person's legs wearing the capris with their hand in a pocket with a pair of sneakers in front of a plain background

    5. A light jacket that'll keep you toasty while you're warming up, but won't overheat once you break into a steady sweat. Reviewers say it's a great alternative to similar jackets you can get from popular fitness brands.

    6. A longline sports bra to provide you with light support making it perfect for low-impact activities while also being comfortable enough for you to hang out in for the rest of the day.

    A person wearing the long line sports bra and a matching pair of leggings

    7. And a pair of matching leggings to complete the cute co-ord set. They're high waisted so you won't have to keep pulling them up while you're on-the-move.

    A person showing off the back of their leggings in front of a plain background

    8. A pair of Lululemon leggings you can count on to stay firmly in place whether you're doing squats or using the stairclimber. The flexible fabric is fast-drying so you won't be sitting in sweaty clothes after your sweat sesh.

    A person wearing the leggings while working out in an industrial gym

    9. A pair of tapered track pants that'll take you right from workouts to watching the big game on the couch. The comfy trousers will become an easy athleisure staple in your wardrobe.

    A person's legs wearing the tapered track pants with a pair of running shoes

    10. A pair of stretchy bike shorts you'll love because they'll stay in place on walks or runs while keeping your thighs from creating too much friction. Reviewers rave about how lightweight and breathable they are.

    11. A lightweight pullover you can throw on top of any pair of leggings to transition from workout to wind down. It's made from vintage-style fabric so it'll arrive already looking and feeling like it's already been perfectly worn in .

    A person wearing the sweater over a pair of leggings in front of a plain background

    12. Or a pair of Nike sweat shorts that'll provide you with a comfortable and warm workout from the knees up. They're a perfect alternative to full-length sweats if you're a member of the no-pants club.

    A person wearing the sweat shorts

    13. A pair of running shoes with extra width to keep your tootsies comfortable while you move without squeezing them into a narrow sole. Reviewers love that they were so comfy brand new that they didn't even need to break them in.

    A closeup of a person's legs and feet wearing the running shoes with their toes pointed

    14. A pair of colourful cropped leggings that'll keep you cool while you're breaking a sweat. The bold pattern will brighten up your plain wardrobe of black and grey leggings.

    A person wearing the leggings in a bold pattern while taking a walk with weights outside

    15. A quilted jacket to help keep your body temperature steady without overheating. It's lightweight so it'll be a good to layer for winter workouts while also being a transitional coat for the spring.

    A person wearing the coat sitting against a block with their right arm propped up on it

    16. A pair of stretchy yoga shorts with pockets that'll hold your phone and keys while you're on the go. Reviewers love how the light compression allows them to workout without having to worry that they'll roll down.

    17. And finally, an Under Armour T-shirt that'll keep you dry while you get your sweat on. The moisture-wicking material also has built-in anti-odour technology that'll prevent any work out smells from sticking around after you wash it.

    A person wearing the t-shirt with some patterned leggings in front of a plain background

    You while buying all of your cool new activewear:

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