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    If You Love Camping, Glamping, And All Things Outdoors, Here Are 17 Things You'll Probably Enjoy

    A fanny pack that's also a cooler? Check.

    1. A super cute sleeping bag you can actually wear around camp when the temp drops. It's equipped with arm holes and a hood, with the option to open up the bottom and stick your feet out.

    two people leaning against the back of a camper van wearing the sleeping bags

    2. A power bank in case you need to juice up your headlamp, camera, or phone. It'll let you charge up to three devices at once, and has a cute little light-up paw that'll let you know how much power is left.

    a portable charger with a light up paw to indicate how much power is left

    3. A fanny pack that'll double as a mini cooler, so you can keep your icy beverages within arm's reach no matter the adventure. Because why settle for a lukewarm sip when you can have a cold one?

    the insulated cooler fanny on a beach beside a ball and a frisbee

    4. A deck of waterproof cards that won't disintegrate before the end of your trip. You can play outside without worrying about 'em getting wrecked by the elements (even if they get completely submerged).

    playing cards laid out next to a pool

    5. A dry bag that'll save your not-so-waterproof items from getting drenched. It's an absolute must if you'll be in a canoe with your valuables, and will also come in handy if happens to rain while you're out and about.

    A person fishing with the dry bag on their back

    6. A portable espresso maker if you can't stand the thought of being without your daily dose of java. Just scoop your grinds into the filter basket, pour your boiled water into the tank, and pump out your fresh espresso.

    a person holding the portable espresso maker

    7. A portable chair so you'll have somewhere to put your tush when the ground is less than desirable. It'll pack down nice and small, which will make it easy to pack in your bag or keep in your trunk for impromptu beach trips.

    two people sitting in the portable chairs outside

    8. A rechargeable headlamp that'll help you see where the heck you're going when the sun sets. Reviewers love how bright it is and also say it's super durable.

    The rechargeable headlamp next to a USB cord and a small, round, protective case

    9. A sun hat that'll give you an instant dose of shade no matter how sunny it is. It can be folded down into a lil' pouch when you aren't using it, which will make it super easy to stash in your day bag.

    10. An inflatable sleeping pad because let's face it — no matter how "outdoorsy" you may be, there's nothing worse than a lousy sleep. Reviewers say that even though it's light and compact, it's thick enough to provide comfort all night long.

    two people sitting on the sleeping pad outside in front of a tent

    11. A sunflower floatie that'll come in handy when you'd rather lounge than swim. You can use it as a seat at your campsite. too, if you don't feel like packing a camping chair.

    a sunflower-shaped pool float in a pool

    12. A LifeStraw that'll filter bacteria, parasites, and microplastics out of contaminated water. It's lightweight and easy to pack, which makes it the perfect tool for backcountry camping.

    A person drinking river water out of the LifeStraw

    13. And a pack of water purification tablets because it's always a good idea to have a backup filtration plan. Just pop in one tablet for every litre of water, give it a mix, and after thirty minutes you'll have aqua that's safe to drink.

    A person filling up their nalgene water bottle next to a packet of water purification tablets

    14. A compact cookware set that'll help you sauté, boil, fry, and actually enjoy your backcountry meals. It'll stack into a tidy bundle, so you can keep everything organized and stored together.

    15. A compression sack that'll keep your bulkier items from eating up all the space in your bag. Reviewers say they're impressed by how tiny their chonky sleeping bags and big sweaters pack down to.

    a before and after image of the compression sack packed and tightened

    16. A mini camping stove that'll literally fit in your pocket. It'll come in handy if it's too wet to make a fire (or you're just too damn tired to collect firewood).

    The mini stove attached to a canister of propane

    17. And finally, an inflatable pillow that'll save you from using a lumpy hoodie as a make-shift cushion. Reviewers love that you can adjust the inflation pressure to make it as firm or as soft as you'd like.

    A person sleeping on the inflatable pillow

    Good luck out there!

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