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    26 Genius Products That You Simply Can’t Go Another Summer Without

    "Summer days drifting away. To, oh, oh, those summer nights."

    1. A set of solar-powered floating flamingo lanterns that'll add some kitschy fun to your pool. They'll bob around in the water during the day while they charge and cast a bubblegum-hued glow on the water once it gets dark.

    the flamingo lamps on a pool at night

    2. A chilled bowl to keep your scoop of cookie dough ice cream from turning into soup before you finish it (just remember to pop it in the freezer before dessert!). It has a silicone ring around the bottom that'll keep your hands from freezing.

    A person holding the bowl full of ice cream

    3. A stick of solid sunscreen that'll be practically invisible on your skin. Since it's clear, it won't leave streaks after you apply it (and it's infused with sunflower and jojoba oils to keep your skin hydrated).

    the sunscreen in sand

    4. And an SPF 30 scalp spray to save your noggin from burning after a day in the sun (especially if you're not a hat person). Simply mist it over your part for waterproof protection — don't worry, it won't weigh your hair down or make it feel greasy, either.

    A hand holding up the bottle and spritzing it

    5. A two-person floaty that'll keep you and your bestie from drifting away from each other like you would in separate tubes. It even has a built-in cooler to keep a whole afternoon's worth of ✨refreshments✨ in (no need to paddle yourself back to the dock for a refill).

    two people sitting in the floating device on a lake

    6. A handheld fan on a flexible tripod you can prop up or clip just about anywhere to help you keep cool on hot 'n' humid days. You can even twist the legs around the handle of a stroller to keep your kiddo from overheating while you're out (since it's whisper-quiet, it won't wake them from their nap either).

    the fan on a desk pointed at a person while they work

    7. A glasses chain so you can keep your sunnies within reach all summer long without having to cram them into your overstuffed bag. Plus, it totally goes with the whole coastal grandma vibe that's currently trending.

    A person with a glasses chain connected to their sunglasses

    8. An LED torch that'll illuminate your garden with flickering flames. Since it won't actually produce fire, it's safe for all kinds of spaces and you won't have to remember to extinguish it after a gathering.

    A person putting the torch lamp into the ground in a garden

    9. A semi-circle umbrella that'll provide you with a little shade if your space is to small for a full-sized sun shade. Since it has a flat back, it'll even fit on your petite balcony.

    the umbrella over a bistro set right next to a house

    10. A pack of disposable popsicle freezer bags so you can get creative and DIY your own frozen treats. Fill them with your fave juices, yogurt, or cocktails for a fun new way to consume your signature bevvie during your weekly Bachelor viewing party.

    The freezer bag full while sitting in an ice bucket on a beach

    11. And a pack of paw-fect silicone treat moulds so you can make your pooch an ice-cold pupscile. Freeze plain ol' water or get creative with dog-safe smoothie recipes if you really want to spoil your pup.

    the mould with two paw shaped treats popped out of it on a plate

    12. A pair of anti-slip AirPod hooks that'll keep your Bluetooth buds from slipping out on your run or while you're lounging by the pool. Reviewers say they're comfortable and that they even keep their earbuds secure while they're in downward dog.

    a person putting their airpod into a hook

    13. A petite personal cooling fan for anyone who isn't happy unless there's a stream of cold air pointed directly at them 24/7. Its compact size and whisper-quiet motor means you can prop it up on your bedside table on those blistering nights when your sheets are starting to stick to you.

    The air conditioner on a bedside table beside somebody is sleeping

    14. And a cooling blanket that'll keep you feeling cool 'n' comfy on hot nights. It's lightweight, making it perfect if you're a frequent night sweater who refuses to sleep without a blanket (it me).

    The blanket on top of a bed

    15. A set of reusable ice cubes that'll keep your beverage chilled without watering it down on hot days. Everybody can have their own colour, meaning drinks won't get mixed up at your next backyard bash.

    the reusable ice cubes on a plain dark background

    16. An ice roller that'll help cool you down when you're feeling toasty. It’ll also help ease the pain of headaches and migraines when the ibuprofen just ain’t cutting it.

    17. A portable water bowl so your fur baby can rehydrate while you're on a balmy hike or tearing it up at the dog park. The water dispenses into a handy built-in bowl, meaning it'll be easy for them to drink on the go and you won't have to worry about them overheating.

    Bianca offering her dog a drink from the bottle

    18. A set of inflatable cooling trays to keep your drinks cold and veggie trays (and dips) from spoiling in the sun at your next BBQ. There are plugs on the bottom for easy draining once the ice has melted and the party's over.

    19. A magnetic screen door that you'll be able to open and close without using your hands. Reviewers love that their pets can run through it as much as they want without destroying it.

    A person walking through the screen with a tray and a dog beside them

    20. An instant drink chiller that'll cool down your drinks in a flash (60 seconds, to be exact). It'll chill any liquid you want, whether it's iced tea or wine, so you'll have something ice-cold to sip on ASAP.

    someone pouring iced matcha from the chiller into a glass

    21. A portable corn hole game if you're determined to turn your trip to the cabin into an ultimate games tournament. Reviewers love that the back of the boards have hidden beanbag storage that'll prevent them from being misplaced between games.

    22. A set of sweat-blocking wipes that'll save you from wetness and odour for an entire week after just one swipe. Reviewers say they're life-changing, and really help if you sweat a considerable amount.

    a person wiping their underarm with the sweat blocking wipe

    23. A pair of Boca clips to keep your towel from sliding down your chair or blowing away and ruining your beach day. They're also great to hang your bag, rather than leaving it on the ground to fill with sand.

    Bianca holding up the margarita shaped clips against a plain wall

    24. An elevated planter box that'll save you from bending over to tend to your veggies and herbs. It's slim enough to fit on your deck or apartment balcony if you don't have the space for a full garden.

    the planter filled with fresh produce in a person's garden

    25. And a seeding square that'll help you perfectly space your garden out while you sow your seeds. It's colour-coded and even comes with a handy seed ruler, so you'll know exactly how deep to plant them.

    A person using the seed spacer in a raised garden box

    26. And finally, set of no-tie shoelaces that'll turn any pair of sneakers into slip-ons. They'll keep your kicks on your feet, so you wont have to stop 100 times to tie your laces during your hike.

    A person showing off their elastic laces on a pair of running shoes while they rest on a picnic table

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