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    25 ~Summery~ Things That'll Probably Make Your Life Infinitely Better

    Baaaaaaby, I'm hot just like an oven.

    1. A gigantic time-marked water bottle that'll encourage you to drink more H2O, so you won't dry up into a literal prune under the hot sun. The largest size fits almost four litres of water, meaning you won't have to refill it every single hour.

    A person holding the water bottle

    2. An ice cream ball so you can whip up a delicious batch of frosty goodness with just a bit of rolling (y'know, like a game). Since it doesn't require any electricity, you can make your icy treat outside without unplugging your patio lights or bug zapper.

    The ice cream maker on a table

    3. A fire pit if your backyard could use a bit of a ~zhuzh~. It comes with a grilling shelf, so you can use it as a makeshift barbecue, too.

    The fire pit in a backyard with hot dogs on the grill

    4. A stick of anti-chafe balm that'll save you from getting blisters and skin irritations while you portage to your campsite. It's resistant to water and sweat, and won't clog your pores.

    A person putting a stick of anti-chafe balm into their bag

    5. A portable solar power bank so you can charge all of your devices, even when you're in the middle of nowhere. It has a dual outlet and is compatible with any device that uses a USB, so you can charge your phone, Nintendo Switch, and everything in between.

    The solar bank resting on a rock with gadgets plugged into it

    6. A bottle of ultra-hydrating Mario Badescu facial spray to give your whole face a refresh. It'll save your skin from dryness and pack your pores with nourishing herbs and oils, leaving you feeling fresh, fine, and fierce in just a few spritzes.

    A person holding the Mario Badescu spray

    7. A retro recliner that'll come in handy when you're chilling by the pool or on the dock. Because it's made of resin, you won't have to stress about it getting wet or being left out in a storm.

    The recliner by a pool with a table next to it

    8. A pack of reusable ice cubes so your drinks will stay frosty, but won't get watered down while you're soaking up those sweet rays. Pro tip: give everyone in your household a designated colour so you'll always know whose drink belongs to whom, and no water glass will ever go unclaimed.

    Several ice cubes surrounding a glass

    9. A bottle of fast-absorbing Josie Maran SPF 47 sunscreen that's packed with good-for-skin ingredients like aloe, argan oil, and green tea extract. Not only will it stave off a burn, but it'll keep your skin happy, healthy, and moisturized, too.

    The sunscreen on top of orange peel and strawberries

    10. A two-person floating hammock so you can spend those extra-hot summer days taking advantage or your pool or lake. Because the middle section is made of mesh, you'll actually get to soak in those sweet waters, instead of floating above them.

    Two people in the hammock

    11. A YETI soft cooler that you can use to keep your drinks cool whether you're boatin' or campin'. It has a strip of ultra-strong magnets on the top, so you won't have to mess with any zippers, and a handy carrying strap that'll make it easy to tote from place to place.

    A person adding a can off pop to the cooler filled with ice

    12. And a four-pound YETI ice pack that'll keep your cooler colder than the North Pole for hours on end. It's impact-resistant (meaning it won't break if it gets banged up) and is designed to freeze faster than your average ice pack.

    A person putting YETI ice packs into a cooler

    13. A string of globe patio lights that'll keep your outdoor space illuminated at night. One reviewer got these specifically for working from home and says they're bright enough to read under.

    Three strands of lights hanging over a balcony

    14. A water bottle with a bowl that snaps into its base, so your pup will never be stuck without a drink on a long walk. Since you pour from the top into the bowl, you can actually chug the water yourself and not worry about dog germs.

    15. A pack of wooden tiles that'll help you cover up that hideous, bird poop-stained concrete and make your outdoor space waaaay more ✨aesthetic✨. The tiles snap together, so you won't have to bust out your tool box to install them.

    16. A pack of bestselling mosquito patches that'll keep bugs from harassing you this summer. They're made with plant-based, non-toxic ingredients, but reviewers say they're just as effective as bug spray.

    17. An outdoor pizza oven that'll have you crafting homemade pies that are way tastier than the 2-for-1 special you're used to ordering on Friday nights. It can be fuelled by gas or wood and has a built-in thermometer, so you'll always know how toasty your appliance is.

    The pizza oven on a table outside

    18. A hilarious wine bottle life jacket that'll keep your precious vino from reaching an untimely demise (à la Jack Dawson). Thanks to the padding, it'll also save your bottle from shattering if it gets knocked over.

    A bottle of wine with the lifejacket on it surrounded by a cheese plate, wine glasses, and picnic basket.

    19. A water-filtering straw that'll cleanse your H2O as you drink. It's a solid alternative to iodine tablets and bulky purifiers, if you're into backpacking or camping.

    A person holding a LifeStraw in front of a river

    20. A bottle of fresh ball spray that'll keep your junk smelling like a woodsy floral bouquet, instead of, well, junk (we all know things get extra stinky in the summer). It'll also keep your nether region fresh, dry, and comfortable, so you'll be doing less "adjusting" over the course of your day.

    Three bottles of the spray

    21. A lululemon belt bag for the days when you don't wanna lug around a giant beach tote (me, every day). It has an easy access exterior pocket, plus one inside to keep your essentials organized.

    A person wearing the bag crossbody style over a T-shirt

    22. A sun shade sail that you can use to cover your patio, so you'll have an escape from the sun. Reviewers love that it catches rain, meaning you can seek refuge under it during a sun shower and not get soaked.

    The sail above a patio

    23. A Spikeball set that'll make you feel like a kid again and inspire some healthy competition amongst your family and friends. The two-on-two game involves "spiking" the ball onto the net so it bounces toward their opponent. It sounds simple, but trust me, it requires some ~finesse~.

    Four people playing Spikeball on a lawn

    24. A pair of outdoor chairs that you'll want to lounge in all summer long. They come with weather-resistant cushions that can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at 'em.

    The two chairs on a tiled patio in front of plants

    25. And finally, a tub of soothing moisture gel that's packed with aloe, making it great for sunburns. It'll also help combat the irritation and redness that comes with any bad breakout.

    A person holding a tub of aloe gel.

    How I plan on living my life this summer:

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