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12 Celebrity Dogs Who Are Living Their Best Life

Oh, to be a pampered celebrity dog.

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I love these celebrities, but TBH, I may be even more obsessed with their dogs.

1. Zendaya's miniature schnauzer Noon blesses her Instagram account with so! Many! Cuddles!

2. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen recently welcomed this adorable basset hound to their family. Meet Pearl, y'all! We're sure she's already living her best life at her new home.

3. Rescue pit bull Kuma seems to enjoy all of the cuddles from Justin Theroux. And I mean, how could she not? Check out the Insta caption for Justin's heartfelt homage to his sweet angelic pup.

4. Here's Ariana with her bloodhound Lafayette, who, along with nine other dogs that Ariana owns, is definitely living her best life.

5. Look at that little hat! Selena doesn't stop short of celebrating her sweet fluff balls, Winnie and Daisy.

6. Kevin Hart's stoic and beautiful Dobermans, Roxy and Rosco, hang out by his desk. Look at those beautiful studded collars!

7. How cute is Kendal Jenner's model-like Doberman, Pyro? She's also got an adorable greyhound named Mew, who gets treated like absolute royalty.

8. Did you know Orlando Bloom has a whole freaking pack of dogs? So many pals to play with!

9. Finn, Amanda Seyfried's Australian shepherd, has an entire Instagram account dedicated to his cuteness. A photogenic beb indeed!

10. Miley Cyrus has been a dog mom for years, and currently has the cutest squad you could probably find. Look at those sweet lil' faces!

11. Jonah Hill and his pit bull Fig are the cutest pair who are def living their absolute best lives together.

12. Mariah Carey has quite the squad of Jack Russells who she regularly showers with love and affection. Sweet baby angels!

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